Campus Recreation

 women in the weight room
Weight Room
Physioball photo
A group of students stretch on mats during a Pilates class.
The LBCC Campus Recreation program is dedicated to the provision of quality recreational opportunities for the campus community. The program is designed to encourage student, staff and faculty participation in activities that promote healthy, fun activities or competition with a spirit of community and positive team play.

What types of events and activities are available? The Campus Recreation program offers different activities to help meet the physical, social and recreational needs of the LBCC population. Examples include:

  • Fitness Week
  • Health Week
  • 3X3 Basketball Tournament
  • Spring Days
  • Trips to various sports related events/activities

Is there a cost to participate? All LBCC recreation activities and events are FREE or provided at a minimal cost.

How do I get involved? We encourage each and every one of you to participate on a formal or informal basis. Information regarding current events and activities is available at the Student Life & Leadership Office. Current information is also posted on campus bulletin boards. Formal participation in the LBCC Campus Recreation program is governed by the Student Leadership Council. 

For more information about Campus Recreation, stop by the Student Life & Leadership Office located in Forum-120, or call 541.917.4457.