Institutional Equity and Student Engagement

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"The best way to learn something
is by talking with someone who disagrees with us."

~ past Secretary of Labor Robert Reich

The primary objective of Institutional Equity, Diversity & Inclusion is to prepare LBCC’s students, staff, faculty and managers—as well as the communities in which we live—for an increasingly diverse society and workforce. Central to EDI are the skills, abilities, development, and recognition that—to succeed in today’s world—individuals need to become more fluent across cultures. Also critical is the ability to competently weave in and out of cultures—be they home, academic, cultural or professional. Our department leads and facilitates a broad scope of the work occurring at LBCC and in the broader community, as well as recommending how and where the work gets done.

The effort to bring diversity, cultural fluency and richness—in addition to inclusion, equity and engagement—to the fore at LBCC is vital, given how globally diverse the region is becoming. Demographic shifts and technology have shrunk the world and are increasing the demand for culturally fluent individuals in the workforce, on campus and in the classroom. This work—encapsulated by equity and student engagement—means that everyone has a stake in fostering a learning/work environment where everyone is challenged to become more globally prepared.

As the name implies, EDI’s primary areas of focus are:

  • Equity:  Completion for all students is an institutional strategic goal.
  • Diversity:  Everyone brings uniqueness with them to LBCC.
  • Inclusion:  One of LBCC’s five values.

Target Populations:

  • Students:  As the home of EDI, our physical space in Forum 220 and the Veterans Resource Center in Forum 109 are anchors for students to connect, participate and learn.
  • Staff:  The department supports LBCC’s staff by providing professional development opportunities for better outcomes.
  • Faculty:  In an effort to support LBCC's faculty, we offer co-curricular learning to complement classroom excellence.
  • Management:  Together, structural issues are addressed to improve cultural richness and equity outcomes.
  • Community:  Our department engages the community to bring cohesion and unity around issues of inclusion.


Institutional Equity,
Diversity & Inclusion

LBCC Department of Institutional Equity and Student Engagement Javier Cervantes
Javier Cervantes
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Tania Mendez
Latino Outreach &
Retention Specialist
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LBCC Department of Institutional Equity and Student Engagement Program Assistant Heather Morijah
Heather Morijah
Program Assistant
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Student Staff:

Yulissa Gonzalez
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Korina Rayburn
Catherine Stevens


Resource Center:

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