National Coalition of Certification Centers

NC3 was established to facilitate the development of partnerships between industry and education institutions. In that capacity the organization provides comprehensive curriculum development and access to skill-standard certifications. The curriculum is developed collaboratively with industry experts and educators; the certifications validate skill sets required to meet performance standards.

Current certification curriculum includes diagnostics, diesel engines, wheel service and vehicle information management, multimeters, hybrid safety, tool control, and torque technology. Additional curriculum being developed includes advanced propulsion systems, aviation, renewable energy and manufacturing.

The NC3 strategy provides the platform for members’ schools to work with other educators, industry partners, and organizations in their geographical area.

Train-the-Trainer Certification

The “train-the-trainer” effort is designed to provide standardized training and guidance to new and existing organizations. The organization is designed to foster improved communication and idea sharing across the network at all levels from student to instructor to administrators.

Linn-Benton Community College will offer this certification in the near future.

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