Who we are:

Linn-Benton Advanced Transportation Technology Center (ATTC) is a market integrator, educator, project developer and consultant specializing in alternative fuels.

We provide options and education to customers that allow for an optimized set of equipment, service, financing, and maintenance and energy solutions for successful use of alternative fuels in the clients operations.

What we do:

  • “Right Fit” Feasibility Consulting. We identify and evaluate the best technologies in the market today to fit your needs.
  • Project Management Services. We also offer you the tools to manage your transition, including project management and oversight.
  • Fuel Supply Chain Assessment and Development. We’ll ensure you have fuel when you need it at the price you want it.
  • Market Education. Development and production of large market conferences, to fleet, company and dealer workshops.
  • Special Projects. Pre-feasibility assessments, supply-chain integration, alternative fuel pilot and testing projects

Are you considering:

  • Natural Gas (CNG/LNG)?
  • Propane?
  • Electric?
  • Bio-Fuels?
  • Hydrogen?
  • Hydraulic Hybrids?
  • An Emerging Fuel?

We can provide answers!