Transitions After College

Steps to Exiting LBCC

Update Your Contact Information

Update your mailing address, phone, and email address in WebRunner. If the permanent address listed is no longer going to be valid, update your permanent address at the Registration counter. LBCC will send your diploma and other important LBCC documents to the address on file, so if it is not accurate, you may not receive them.

Use or Forward LBCC Email

You can use your LBCC email or forward your LBCC email to the email you will use after school.

Exit With Financial Aid and Set up SALT Account

If you have received any loans through LBCC or Financial Aid, you'll need to complete the Exit Webinar. Investigate when loan repayment begins and make every payment on time!

SALT provides you free and customizable information on job search resources, loans, finances, money management, and even scholarships for your next educational venture.

Return All LBCC Property & Settle Accounts at Business Office

Return library books, rented textbooks, and college property, including Center for Accessibility Resources' equipment. 

Empty all lockers you still use and return locks, if needed. 

Pay remaining account balances or fines at the Business Office.

Review How to Order Transcripts on WebRunner

You will need transcripts for job applications or your next school.

Remember that the LBCC Library is a public library

The public is encouraged to continue to use our library. We invite you to come back and visit! 

Often Graduates Return to LBCC for Additional Training

Graduates often return to LBCC for Community Education or professional development.

LBCC Foundation 

When you are financially able, consider donating to the LBCC Foundation to "pay it forward" and help other students attend college to earn a degree.