Transition to University

Transferring to Your Next School


You can also use a web browser to search for schools or ask an LBCC faculty advisor.

  • If OSU is my next school:  
    Check out OSU's Transfer Students page.  There is a lot of great information on OSU's website including helpful tools regarding transfer credits and their online catalog.  
    Also be sure to consider the Degree Partnership Program.  Students who transfer to OSU using the DPP program have a great opportunity to use both schools to accomplish their academic goals. In addition, students in this program have access to OSU services early on that can support a healthy transition from LBCC to OSU.  Students are eligible to apply to DPP after completing:
    • 24 graded transferable credits 
    • Grade of C or better earned in College-level writing equivalent to WR 121 (English Composition), and Math 111 (College Algebra)  - OR -  Math 105 (Math in Society)
    • GPA of 2.25 or higher based on those transferable credits
    To apply for DPP, click here.


  • Apply for Admissions to Your Next School and Complete That School’s Entry Processes.

Questions? Contact Admissions or Enrollment Services at the school you plan to transfer to four to six months prior to entry. Ask about advising services. Contact an advisor now.


  • Make Financial Plans for Your Education: Financial Aid is school-specific.

     - Check deadlines online at
     - Add the code for each school you are considering into your FAFSA.
    • Scholarships: Ask at your next school. Plan 6 months ahead. Search SALT to locate new scholarships.
    - SALT: Plan your finances and locate more free money for school.
    - Other Scholarship Sites: Big Future, CollegeNet, FastWeb, CIS, Scholarships, Scholarship Monkey, OSAC.
[You should never need to pay to apply for a scholarship. Use caution when searching. If money is requested, exit.]
    • Send Official LBCC Transcripts to your new school 3-9 months prior to entry. Contact to the school to find out if there are additional steps (transcript evaluation form, orientation, etc.)

    • Plan Housing

      Many universities and schools have housing information on their website, if you are relocating, now is a good time to start looking for nearby housing. Many universities have a Housing Office, including information on residential housing, apartments, and community living.

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