Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression - students in the courtyard

LBCC and the LBCC Board of Education believe that freedom of expression is essential to the fulfillment of our mission, values, and goals.

We believe that engaging with individuals and groups with beliefs and perspectives different from our own is a learning experience that enhances our understanding of the world and ourselves. We believe that as an inclusive college, LBCC commits to protecting and creating the opportunity for expression by all of us in a manner that fosters inquiry, debate, and understanding. We accept that we will encounter expression that may create a wide range of feelings, including discomfort, anger, frustration, and offense. We value the learning experience that results from thoughtful engagement with all protected expression, knowing free expression is necessary for accomplishing our mission and sustaining our values.

For questions regarding student rights and expressive activities at LBCC, please contact the Administrative Office of the Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs, 541-917-4806 or 541-917-4848. You may also visit Public Safety.