Closure Information

On days when the weather presents significant safety risks, Administration, Facilities and Security work together to decide on the LBCC's operational status. If the decision is to close the College, or delay its opening, the President's Office will immediately start the employee "telephone tree." The college PIO will initiate the Flashnews media alert process to advise media outlets of the College’s decision. A decision to close the College, or delay its opening, shall affect all college facilities in the district.

Individual center directors (Benton Center, Lebanon Center, Sweet Home Center) may make independent decisions to close a Center early, or cancel evening classes, for inclement weather (or other emergency) that arrives after the start of a school day. Directors notify the Academic Affairs Office and PIO, who alerts area media outlets as necessary. Center staff should make every practical effort to notify instructors and students of cancelled evening classes.

If the College has been closed and special activities are in progress, or have been scheduled, the decision to cancel them shall rest with the coordinating manager of the activity. The appropriate Vice President should be consulted on these decisions; the ultimate decision should be immediately communicated to the college PIO so that media outlets can be notified.

Managers should develop, and maintain, a current "telephone tree" for their area of responsibility. The tree should, at a minimum, ensure contact with every contracted employee. Family Resources should also have a telephone tree in place for parents with children in our center. Managers should communicate their expectations about the telephone tree with their employees, and also advise employees that emergency information will be available via the ReGroup system, at, through the main switchboard (917-4999), and through area media outlets (who are alerted by the college via the flashalert system). Radio and TV stations reached by FlashAlert include KGAL 1580 AM, KLOO 1340 AM/106.3 FM, KRKT 990 AM/99.9 FM, KSHO 920 AM, KEZI-TV, KMTR-TV, KVAL-TV and several others.

LBCC uses a program called ReGroup to deliver mass notifications of emergency situations at LBCC. Such situations could range from campus closure due to inclement weather to natural disasters, toxic air hazards, an incidence of violence, or other urgent situations. Students and staff will receive these notifications via the campus email and the cell phone number they have provided in WebRunner. Friends, parents, family members, or business contacts that would like to receive these notifications can be directed to sign up at