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  • Instructor: JaAnna Mendez (See "Meet our Instructors" page for photos and detailed biographies for each instructor.)
  • Location: Scio Preschool, 38743 N. Ash Street, Scio
  • Lab time and days: 8:30 - 11 a.m., M,W,F
  • Evening seminars: 6 - 9 p.m., Mondays, alternate weeks - 5 meetings total
  • For more information or to enroll, please call (541) 917-4899
  • Cost:  The current cost is $238.36 per term (two credits earned) for tuition.  A $4.50 insurance fee per child is paid once yearly (at the time of initial enrollment).  In addition, new parents must complete a criminal records background check, with a fee of $10.00.  Financial assistance for tuition costs may be available to you through our tuition grant fund.
  • Tuition Grant Application
  • Tuition Grant Instructions
  • Preschool Insurance Form
  • A new law in the State of Oregon requires schools and children's facilities to make available the immunization and exemption rates for each vaccine.  We have complied with that law, and information for each of our preschools can be  found at Immunization & Exemption Rates.

Help the Parenting Education Department support all families to be the best parents they can be by participating in these fund raising strategies:

  1. When you shop at the First Alternative Cooperative tell the checker that you support LBCC Preschool Co-ops or 46 and the Co-op will donation to our tuition grant fund.
  2. Donations can be made to the LBCC Foundation, Parenting Education Tuition Grant Fund.  All donations are tax deductible.  For information, contact Jerri Wolfe at (541) 917-4891,

Scroll down to read testimonials from parents in the program

"My son and I have been involved in the Scio Preschool Co-op this past year. We are new to the city of Scio. This course has provided us with information about the community and its resources and also helped us to branch out to make new friends. Mrs. Mendez has been a wonderful instructor and my child loves to go to school; he has really developed a strong bond with her and with the children in his class. This will help him with the transition to traditional public school, since the children will be familiar and the structured setting less daunting. I have also enjoyed the parenting course and have walked away from the experience more aware of my child's changing needs and the tools I have to help him grow. I have enjoyed this year and look forward to a fun and productive fall term."   Jennifer Willeford

"I was not sure about the seminars, but as I came I realized that it is a good way to be informed on what is going on, a chance to talk with other parents, and a good learning aspect for a wide variety of things I need to know to help my child at home."   Terry Stigen

"My experience with the Scio Preschool Co-op has been one of the best I could hope for. I had my older son in a different preschool and wish I would have had him in this one. I love that the kids and parents get to know each other before they even get to kindergarten. Nancy and JaAnna both do a great job, they are positive and encouraging with the kids. The night sessions are nice because you realize other parents are going through the same things you are. I highly recommend this class to any parent."   Mindy Wallen

"Having a co-op in our town is a wonderful and affordable opportunity. Being involved with my preschooler and the hands-on experience is priceless. We are creating beautiful memories that we will look back on and cherish. It is the perfect environment to get to know the other parents that will continue to be a parent of our children's generation as they get older."   Rhonda Schumacher 

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