Types of Child Care

Licensed Care - All licensed providers have training hour requirements based on type of licensing:

Registered Family Child Care Home

  • Located in residence of provider. Applies to only one provider at that address.
  • Maximum of 10 children allowed in care at any time including provider’s own under 13.
  • Certain age restrictions and ratios apply.
  • Health and safety inspection prior to licensing & every two years at renewal.
  • All residents and regular visitors over 18-years old must enroll on Central Background Registry.

Certified Family Child Care Home

  • Located in building built as single family residence, may not be provider’s residence. Provider may hire assistance which may affect age and number of children and ratios allowed.
  • Maximum of 16 children depending on staff and space.
  • Fire, Sanitation, and Child Care Division inspections. License must be renewed yearly. All over 18-years old with access to children must enroll on Central Background Registry.

Certified Child Care Center

  • Located in facility meeting zoning requirements as business.
  • Numbers of allowable children depends on space, staffing & other factors.
  • Initial and yearly inspection by Child Care Division, Sanitarian, Fire Marshal.
  • License renewed yearly.

Unlicensed Exempt Care

  • Three or fewer child care children at any time unless ALL children from same family.
  • Care by parent or guardian.
  • Occasional care by someone who does not usually do regular childcare.
  • Educational preschools for children 3-5 years and less than 4 hours a day.
  • Facilities providing activities such as drama, music, or dancing.
  • Clubs or hobby groups offering short term activities or sporting events.
  • Governmental agencies operating childcare.

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