Suggested Child Care Policies

We recommend that child care providers develop and communicate clear policies, to include:


  • Notice of when children will not be able to attend.
  • Vacation/days off policy.
  • Arrival and departure times.

Health Procedures

  • Non-admittance of sick children.
  • Requirements for giving medicines.
  • Consent for treatment forms.
  • Immunization requirements.


  • Daily schedule (give an example including both active and quiet activities).
  • Field trips – typical examples, permission forms.
  • Resource teachers.
  • Transportation guidelines.


  • Who, when, how parents are notified.


  • Meal times, snack times, who provides what.

Naps/Rest Times

  • Procedure, where, what kind of sleeping arrangements (blankets, linens, who provides?).


  • What steps taken (prevention, redirection, positive reinforcement, shadowing, explaining what “to do,” quieting time, discussion).

 Personal Items

  • Extra diapers, change of clothing, coats, boots, hats, provided by parents.
  • Personal toys – when and what may be brought.