Promoting Your Child Care Business

10 Ideas to Let People Know about Your Child Care Program:

  1. Join Family Connections Child Care Resource and Referral. It’s free to providers and they will match families to the kind of care you do.  Call Family Connections at (541) 917-4899.
  2. Buy some children’s books at a second hand store. Be sure they are in good condition. Put a homemade label in the front that says “Donated by (you child care program name).” You can add other information such as “For 24-hour loving care for you infant through school age child, call (your number)”.
  3. Ask local businesses such as dentist offices, doctor’s offices, health departments, places that have waiting rooms if they would like to have a few children’s books for free to add to their waiting room supply.
  4. Put flyers up in local businesses, community centers, churches, etc. that have community bulletin boards.
  5. Have a garage sale and advertise your child care at it. Make a colorful poster with information about what you offer and create a small information packet to hand out and have it available on a separate, easy to see table. If you give receipts, put your child care program’s name and number on the receipt.
  6. Attach business cards to Halloween candy you give out.
  7. Phone or drop by schools in your area and ask if you can leave a supply of business cards with the secretary in case families inquire about neighborhood child care.
  8. Ask for ad space in a community newsletter, a church newsletter or an internal business letter as a service to employees.
  9. Advertise an open house. Have small information packets with a piece of candy attached to give out. Highlight what makes you special. List your working hours, ages of children you serve and a coupon for $ off the first month care.
  10. Offer a discount to families you have in care if they will encourage another family to join your program. Word of mouth is a great form of advertising. Tell everyone you know that you do care and return EVERY phone call you get. Even if you are full, leave every caller with the feeling you are a warm, skilled caregiver. They will pass the word.