Complaint & Feedback Policy

Family Connections Child Care Resource and Referral Complaint /Feedback Policy:

Linn-Benton Community College Family Connection supports the idea that true quality child care rests with the provider who gives that daily care.  Family Connections is dedicated to building a quality child care supply by supporting, encouraging, training and consulting with child care providers.

When providers enroll with Family Connections it is understood that they, too, are interested in assuring children a quality care situation. To help protect the health and safety of children, Family Connections accepts complaints regarding children’s care. In an effort to increase the quality of care, this information is shared with the provider involved. Family Connections is not a regulatory agency and does not automatically report all feedback to the Office of Child Care or to Child Welfare except in cases of suspected child abuse or neglect or where the immediate health and safety of children appears to be at risk. Family Connections does pass on serious complaints to the Office of Child Care. 

The following is a set of procedures that Family Connections uses in the complaint process.  It is important for providers to understand the procedures and how they will affect individual child care businesses. 

When a complaint regarding a child care provider is received a Family Connections staff member will:

1) Take down pertinent information on a provider feedback form. 

2) Advise the caller to make a first hand complaint to the appropriate person or agency:

  • For personal conflicts to the person involved.
  • For violations of child care rules and regulations to the Child Care Division.
  • For suspected child abuse and neglect to Services to Children and Families or law enforcement personnel.

Family Connections staff may:

1) Write a letter to the provider indicating the nature of the complaint. Family Connections does not act as a mediator but a record of complaints received will be kept. This helps to identify patterns of dissatisfaction and technical assistance that could be provided.

2) Send a copy of the complaint with pertinent information to the Child Care Division if the complaint is a violation of rules or if abuse is suspected. 

For second complaints on the same provider a letter may be sent or a phone call made to see if technical assistance will help improve the situation.

If subsequent complaints are received a provider may be suspended from referral files.

The following are conditions that may result in immediate suspension from referral files:

  • Conditions which jeopardize children’s safety.
  • Non-compliance with Family Connections guidelines.
  • Complaints from more than one parent regarding the same conditions.
  • Failure of the provider to respond to inquiries or offers of assistance.
  • Intent to deny issues by the Child Care Division.
  • Denial of AFS listing.
  • Information from an agency regarding an investigation of suspected child abuse, neglect or other illegal actions.

The provider will be notified of any suspension of referrals within 10 days except when such notification would interfere with an investigation by a regulatory agency.

If anyone inquires about a suspended provider they will be told that the current provider is not on the current Family Connections referral list.

Temporary suspension will remain in effect until Family Connections is satisfied that the conditions have been corrected or eliminated or the provider is permanently removed from the provider list.

Causes for permanent removal from the provider list may include but are not limited to:  

  • Confirmation of complaints justifying temporary suspension or continued failure to correct conditions underlying complaints.
  • Persistent failure to respond to Family Connections inquiries concerning complaints.
  • Serious injury to children due to conditions in the provider’s control.
  • A continued history of complaints concerning the children’s health, safety or well-being.

Permanent Removal Procedures:  

  1. Family Connections will notify the provider of permanent removal by certified mail within 10 days.
  2. Responses to inquiries made regarding the provider will be limited to the information that the provider is not included on the current Family Connections referral list.
  3. Family Connections will notify parents who have been recently referred.

Permanent Removal may be appealed by the provider by the following procedure:  Notice of intent to appeal must be made in writing within 10 days of receipt of certified letter.  Appeal should be sent to:

Director, Department of Family Resources and Education
Linn-Benton Community College
6500 Pacific Blvd SW
Albany, OR  97321

A committee will be appointed by the Family Connections Advisory Committee.  It will consist of at least one Family Connections staff member and one Family Connections Advisory Committee Member.  The committee will meet with the provider appealing permanent removal within 30 days of notice of appeal. 

The decision of this Committee will be communicated in writing to the provider within 10 days after the hearing shall be final.