Writing is Inventing!

Writing is Inventing!

In this interactive program for children in grades K-5, author and product designer Vicky Fang will introduce participants to designing in the real world. She will read an excerpt from her book Layla and the Bots: Happy Paws and talk about her background as a product designer inventing kids’ products for Google. She’ll show kids how writing is a lot like inventing and introduce a design thinking process that kids can apply to problem-solving in their own lives. Together, they’ll put the process into action with an invention activity based on the Happy Paws book: Designing an amusement park for dogs!

Materials needed:

�" Design Activity Worksheet (recommended) OR blank paper
�" Drawing tools (pencil, crayon, markers, etc.)

Vicky Fang is a product designer who spent 5 years designing kids’ technology experiences for both Google and Intel, often to inspire and empower kids in coding and technology. She started writing to support the growing need for early coding education, particularly for girls and kids of color. She is the author of nine new and upcoming STEAM books for kids, including Invent-a-PetI Can CodeLayla and the Bots, and her author-illustrator debut, Friendbots. Find out more about Vicky by following her on Twitter at @fangmous or on her website at www.vickyfang.com.

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Thursday, May 13, 2021


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