Take Apart Workshop

Tuesday, May 11th, Forrest Johnson will be presenting his “Take Apart Workshop”. The presentation will be a virtual event from 12 p.m. �" 1 p.m. Register here! Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub’s STEM Week Oregon 2021 Event Registration (google.com)


In this workshop, we are going to figure out how to take apart things for repair, reuse, and recreation! From electronic devices to wooden pallets, we will look at how things we take for granted are put together and, with some tinkering and some smashing, discover what it takes to get them apart!


In addition to being the Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub’s MESA Advisor and Maker-in-Residence, Forrest is a librarian and technical writing instructor at Linn Benton Community College. I love making, hacking, and fixing just about anything. He spends his spare time bird watching, skateboarding, drawing comics, and building guitars out of random junk.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021


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