Women's History Month: AAUW & IEDI present Angel Harris

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6500 Pacific Ave SW
Forum 220
Albany, OR 97321

Join the Department of Institutional Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and AAUW's Albany Branch for a celebration of Women's History Month featuring Angel Harris, immediate past president of NAACP Corvallis-Albany:

"Trayvon Martin was murdered in February 2012, which is the event that finally woke me up to systemic racism. It is one thing to believe that racism exists, but another thing to realize it is in the very structures and systems of our country, and also that it was not by mistake. I was devastated as my eyes were opened to the truth. Little did I know that a meeting in the park was going to change my life and my family. 

In May 2014 when my husband came home after talking with the current NAACP President, Barry Jerkins, at an event in Avery Park, he invited my husband to get involved by attending an NAACP meeting. The kids and I attended our first membership meeting with my husband in June 2014. I didn’t know that within six months of becoming a member I would be chair of the Community Coordination Committee. We had the opportunity to introduce the First Annual Juneteenth Celebration in June 2015, and now we will be celebrating the seventh annual celebration in June 2021!"

We hope to see you on March 9!

Meeting ID: 973 0410 5430

Tuesday, March 9, 2021


Heather Morijah