The Behavioral Composition of a Karen: Exploring Whiteness and its Power Dynamics

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In 2020, race matters. No matter how many executive orders are signed and presentations are given, race continues to matter in the United States. And White people continue to dominate and hold onto their power with gusto. In this 1-hour presentation, former Roadrunner Sharece Bunn will look at a small subsection of race, that of White women and "Karens." By participating in this interactive presentation, you will have an opportunity to discuss the way White women abuse their privilege and power to oppress people of color in the United States.


Participants will be able to do the following: 


  1. Understand what the concept and actions of a Karen. 
  2. Identify how their actions positively or negatively impact people of color. 
  3. Determine an goal or action to combat racism by doing self-work or advocacy.


Please take some time before the presentation to read and listen to the following:


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Passcode: 191059

We hope you'll join us!


Monday, November 16, 2020


Heather Morijah