Athletics Information

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Our Mission: A primary mission of Linn-Benton Community College is to provide students with competencies to function as life-long learners. Intercollegiate athletics supports this mission by providing student/athletes with structured learning activities that teach and promote responsibility, team work, ethical conduct, problem solving, punctuality, work ethic, integrity and concern for quality. Our purpose is to provide athletic activities that are both challenging and competitive for our participants and encourage academic growth and personal growth while engaged in athletics.

  • Quick LBCC Facts
    • Location: Albany, Oregon (population 51,000)
    • Phone: (541) 917-4266
    • Nickname: Roadrunners
    • Enrollment: 6,880 total enrollment
    • Conference: NWAC (Northwest Athletic Conference,
  • Academics at Linn-Benton offer...
    • Outstanding faculty: Our faculty members are chosen not only for their academic abilities, but also because of their effectiveness in the classroom and ability to relate with students
    • Quality curriculum: LBCC has the reputation for first class instruction. Transfer classes are equivalent to those offered to freshman and sophomores at four-year colleges
    • Small class size: Students appreciate the small class size because it gives them social opportunities and personalized instruction
    • Flexibility: Choose from a wide range of day or night classes. You can take classes that fit your busy schedule
  • Why Linn-Benton can offer you the best opportunity as a student athlete:
    • Quality coaching
    • Excellent facilities
    • Highest quality academic courses and transfer programs
    • Exposure to four-year colleges/universities
    • Regional tradition of excellence
    • Financial aid and scholarships available
    • College and community support
    • A commitment to the student athlete by a caring staff
  • Why go to a Community College?
    • Academics: A wide range of undergraduate and vocational programs from which to choose
    • Individual development: Community colleges are directed toward personal and career growth
    • Transition from high school: The transition to college can often be made with greater success by attending a community college
    • Costs: The tuition cost of a quality education is about half the cost of tuition at a public four-year college
    • Exposure: Four-year colleges actively recruit community college student athletes
    • Competition: Community college teams are involved in quality competition throughout the Northwest
  • OSU/LBCC Degree Partnership:

    By completing only one application process, you can enroll at both Linn-Benton Community College and Oregon State University. This not only saves you money and paperwork, it also gives you access to classes and student services at both institutions. The cost of services at the institution where you currently are taking courses is included in your tuition and enrollment fees; in addition, you can purchase services at the partner institution.

    If you are taking courses at both institutions, you have access to student fee-based services at LBCC and OSU including OSU's Dixion Recreation Center, Student Health Center, University Counseling and Psychological Services and University Housing.

    Financial aid is available to qualified students who are dually admitted. Academic calendars at both schools are synchronized for your convenience.

    For eligibility purposes, student-athletes will need to take a full-time course load at LBCC (12 or more credits) to meet NWAC eligibility requirements. 

Please read our Athletics Summary Report, for information on completion, retention, community support, and other data we're tracking on student-athlete success.