Tripti Yadav: From Devastation to Graduation

photo of tripti yadav, graduating student

Despite the fact that she doesn’t finish her degree for a couple of weeks, Tripti Yadav has already received multiple job offers. Something that for her, reinforces just how prestigious the LBCC nursing program is.

“I had a great experience,” said Yadav. “I’ve already told my other coworkers to apply here because of its reputation. I haven't even graduated and I already got two job offers already, so I think I made a good choice.”

Yadav took a less than traditional route to end up in Bend Oregon. After growing up in Nepal, she attended a university in China where she earned her bachelor’s degree in pre-med. Yadav decided to move to Bend seven years ago because the climate was so similar to Nepal’s climate. However, after arriving in Bend the unthinkable happened. Yadav was told her degree couldn’t transfer. “It was devastating,” said Yadav.

She was working at St. Charles Hospital as a CNA and attending a local college to finish her prerequisite courses when she decided to relocate to Albany for Linn-Benton Community College’s nursing program. Some of her coworkers at St. Charles were LBCC graduates who encouraged the move.

“They knew that I was taking my prereqs and said, ‘Have you heard about Albany?’ and I said no,” recalled Yadav. “They told me all about it. One of my coworkers had graduated from [LBCC] 10 years ago. I had another coworker who also graduated from here and I was like, ‘I need to look this place up.’”

Nursing, similar to many of our healthcare programs, requires a special application procedure. The application for the nursing program opens in the spring and one cohort of students is admitted for the following fall term. Those dates and more information about the application process can be found in the nursing bulletin. Those who want to begin an educational path prior to the next admitted cohort may wish to consider the nursing assistant program. Applications for the nursing assistant program open on June 4th.

After being accepted and enrolling in the nursing program, Yadav always knew Linn-Benton Community College was in her corner for whatever she needed. One example that she vividly remembers is when her laptop broke and she reached out for help.

“I called the college, and even during this pandemic, everybody was on it to help,” said Yadav. “They got me a new computer and helped set it up so I would be successful. I think that was the moment I was like, ‘I’m so glad I’m going to college here.’

Yadav still works at St. Charles Hospital while she finishes up her degree. And she encourages everyone to consider LBCC.

“There are so many resources that I feel like people are not aware of,” said Yadav. “They're also not aware like how good the education is here. I would say definitely try to go to a community college.”

Healthcare practitioners are needed now more than ever! If you’re curious about healthcare occupations and want to know how Linn-Benton Community College can help you gain the skills and certification needed for a rewarding new career, check out our full list of healthcare programs.


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