It’s Time: LBCC Board Makes Community College Awareness Month Official

Linn-Benton Community College's Board of Education has passed a resolution to recognize #CCMonth, a national grassroots campaign to improve awareness of the economic, academic and equity advantages of attending community colleges -- and to encourage our community that "It's Time" to rebound from the pandemic by seeking education through LBCC.

"This past year has proved beyond any doubt that our college is absolutely vital to our community and our state," said Jennifer Boehmer, executive director of institutional advancement. "LBCC has been there with emergency assistance for our students facing pandemic hardships, welcomed new students who need options for getting back on their feet, and reached out to our community with critical help in getting vaccines, food, displacement services and more. As we continue to rebuild after COVID, we want to let future students know that now is the time to enroll at LBCC and start working toward your future."

Community colleges are a uniquely American educational model that was designed to guarantee access to affordable, high-quality higher education for all people -- and LBCC has upheld that mission in the Mid-Willamette Valley for more than 50 years. Today, LBCC serves as a primary educator of life-saving nursing and other healthcare professionals; critical welders, machinists and manufacturers; educators; agriculture workers; small business owners, and more. LBCC also serves as an onramp to bachelor's, master's and higher-level degrees for many students, and particularly for the most demographically and socioeconomically diverse students. LBCC guarantees admissions for all students and offers support for adult students who have to work to support their families.

To especially assist students during these times, LBCC has distributed thousands of dollars directly to students through the federal CARES Act, and will continue to distribute payouts in fall, winter and spring for the coming academic year, through the federally approved ARPA program. LBCC also dedicates resources to offer a full range of wrap-around services including scholarships and emergency assistance that go above and beyond federal financial aid.

“I cannot express my gratitude for your help with the high utility bills I was unable to pay,” said Emmalee Lawson, a first-year student in LBCC's Automotive Program. “It means so much to me that I can continue my education without the stress of worrying about heating my home for my daughter. I’ve attended state schools and D1 universities, but no faculty has ever cared about me the way that LBCC has.”

For students who are interested in enrolling in career-technical education programs, LBCC has widely been recognized as offering some of the best programs in the state through direct partnerships with local employers. Students need just two years--or less in some cases--to achieve full certification in their fields of choice. Most CTE students earn employment immediately upon graduation or within the first year, and stay in the area.

In addition, LBCC’s degree partnership programs allow students to dual enroll in both LBCC and a state four-year institution at the same time. This option means students can fully pursue a bachelor's degree at Oregon State University, the Oregon Institute of Technology, or Western Oregon University, at a fraction of the cost and far less the time it would take otherwise. Students can even live in the dorms and take advantage of university-life activities while earning many of their class credits at LBCC tuition prices.

LBCC advisors can guide students through the application process, choosing a major, financial planning and more. To learn more about attending LBCC, and to speak with an advisor, please visit

View the Board resolution

Photo of smiling students (taken pre-pandemic)