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Jesus Munoz - Education Student Feature

“If you are feeling a strong desire to change your career or you feel like your current career is not a good fit for you, those feelings are real, and you shouldn't be scared or discouraged to make a change.” - Jesus Munoz 

Meet Jesus Munoz, a determined and driven student at LBCC who is pursuing his dream of becoming a high school history teacher. Hailing from a small town in New Mexico, Jesus has had a diverse set of experiences that have led him to where he is today.

photo of Jesus MunozAfter attending Fort Lewis College and playing football, Jesus realized that it wasn't the right fit for him and decided to work in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry for his father. However, he eventually realized that this industry was not a stable career path, and he needed to find a new direction.

It wasn't until he was approached by the Deputy Chief of Police in his hometown that Jesus began considering a career in law enforcement. After some soul-searching, he decided to pursue this path and became a Police Cadet for the Bloomfield Police Department. He loved his job as a School Resource Officer, but he realized that he could do more for students as a teacher. This realization led him to resign from the Police Department and move to Sweet Home, Oregon, to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher.

Despite not having taken any classes since 2016, Jesus decided to apply to LBCC and was accepted. He has found the college to be personable and affordable, and he has enjoyed the expertise of the professors and the fast-paced 10-week terms. Jesus is determined to make the most of his time at LBCC and hopes to become a high school history teacher and coach for as long as he can.

Jesus's story is an inspiration to anyone who is feeling unfulfilled in their career and is considering a change. He took the time to explore his options and followed his passion, even when it meant leaving a stable career behind. His determination and hard work are a testament to the fact that it's never too late to pursue your dreams.