Rebound Scholarship Recipients Share Their Stories

Bianca Blancas, student at LBCC

For nearly two years Bianca Blancas has been waiting for the perfect moment to re-enroll in college. “I realized that the perfect moment is never going to come,” said Blancas. “So, I either have to do it right now or I'm never going to do it.”

Linn-Benton Community College is trying to help as many students as possible return to LB this fall. One of the ways they are doing this is by awarding the Rebound Scholarship to students who had to stop attending classes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blancas had finished her freshman year when things started to get bad. During the 2020 fall term, her grades began to slip. The following term she crashed. “Mentally I couldn't keep going because I had to keep it together for so long,” said Blancas.

After taking a break to work on her mental health, Blancas says she is ready to finish what she started. And with help from the Rebound Scholarship, Blancas will continue toward her goal of getting her degree. 

Alex Ferell was apprehensive about coming back to campus after being virtual for a year in large part because he contracted COVID-19 back in February. “It was rough,” said Ferrell. “But I’m really excited to get back into it because I’m not a good remote learner.”

Ferell is pursuing his dream of becoming a cardiac sonographer. “There's a lot of people that need help right now and that is why I decided like now's the time,” said Ferrell. “Especially with a pandemic ongoing.”

Heather Campbell, who is working on completing her prerequisite courses for the RN nursing program, had to stop attending classes last year to take care of her son who’s school had closed due to the pandemic. As she was getting ready to return to LBCC for fall term 2021, she noticed the Rebound Scholarship opportunity.

“When I received the email about the rebound scholarship I was like ‘why not go for it?’” Campbell said. “I had planned on returning regardless of the scholarship opportunity, but having it made [my return] so nice!” Campbell noted that she’s taking this opportunity to complete her final required math course, which is now essentially paid for in full thanks to the scholarship. Once she graduates from the nursing program here, Campbell hopes to work with the ID/DD (Intellectually Delayed/Developmentally Delayed) community doing case management at the County or State level.  

“Anyone that is questioning themselves about applying for this scholarship and returning to school should just do it!” Campbell proclaimed excitedly. “I am excited to return to classes this fall!”

"As the community rebounds from COVID, we want to make college as affordable as possible so that our students can get back to school and work,” said LBCC President Lisa Avery. “Now more than ever, LBCC is the right place to get back on track with college and a career."

If you're looking to return to LBCC this fall, we encourage you to apply for a Rebound Scholarship and explore our other financial aid opportunities.