Heather Campbell: ‘Why not go for it’

Rebound Scholarship provides additional aid for single mom, future RN

Photo of Heather Campbell, RN student at LBCCHeather Campbell was almost finished with her RN prerequisite courses at Linn-Benton Community College before the COVID-19 pandemic sent her autistic son home for full-time remote learning. As a single mom who needed to provide for him, she was forced to drop out of classes and put completing her certification on hold indefinitely.

One year later, Campbell decided to look at returning to LBCC again in fall 2021. As she was scrolling through her inbox, she saw an email from LBCC announcing the $500 Rebound Scholarship opportunity. 

“When I received the email about the rebound scholarship I was like ‘why not go for it?’” Campbell reflected. “The process was very simple and I had planned on returning regardless of the scholarship opportunity, but having it made now the right time!”

Before she was forced to drop out of her courses, Campbell aspired to work as an RN managing cases for the ID/DD (Intellectually Delayed/Developmentally Delayed) community at the County or State level. 

Now, Campbell can’t wait to get back to learning this fall, and the Rebound Scholarship has made it even easier for her.

“I’m only taking one 4-credit class,” said Campbell, “so in essence my term is paid for with only a little bit owing.” Campbell said she only has one math course left before she can apply for the RN program in 2022. 

“I plan to take this class online and utilize the resources at the college if I need tutoring or help,” Campbell said.

Campbell hopes that more students like her who are considering returning to LBCC will take advantage of the Rebound Scholarship opportunity. “Anyone that is questioning themselves about applying for this scholarship and returning to school should just do it!” Campbell proclaimed. “It literally took me less than 10 minutes to apply!”

As LBCC President Lisa Avery has stressed, LBCC's top priority is to help the community rebound when it comes to pursuing higher education. The $500 Rebound Scholarship is one of many resources the college is pleased to offer; it can be used for any expenses related to returning to classes this fall, with no strings attached and nothing to pay back.

If you, like Heather Campbell, are considering returning to LBCC this fall, we encourage you to apply for the Rebound Scholarship as well as any other financial aid opportunities we offer.

We can’t wait to see you this fall, Heather!