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Get Off to a Good Start in College


Learn how to make your college experience a little bit easier! Learning Center and Library staff can help you find resources and learn skills to have a successful college experience.

Check out the Learning Center web site, where you'll find week-by-week guides and tips on things like time management, study skills, reducing stress, improving your writing and math skills, and more.

Here are six tips to help get you started:

1. Go to class. It may seem simple, but think of what you miss when you don’t go.

2. Talk to your instructors and/or advisor regularly. Ask questions when you’re not sure. It’s perfectly ok not to know everything.

3. Be organized. Check your class syllabi daily - keep track of what’s due and when it's due.

4. Take advantage of college resources - like the Learning Center and Library. They are here to help you be successful.

5. Set regular study times. This will help you to stay on track and get stuff done.

6. Don’t be afraid to connect with your fellow classmates. Studying and working together can help you understand the subject better.

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