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New Math Café Aims to Help Students Conquer Math

math-cafe-instructionThere’s a new place on campus that is helping students get the support they need to be successful in math.

Located in the college Learning Center, the new Math Café is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., offering drop-in or by appointment help for students in Math 50, 75, 95 and 98.

Math Café instructional assistants help students with their math homework, math test reviews, packet activities, study skills and any math-related questions - all in a welcoming, relaxed environment.

LBCC instructional assistant Brie Wood coordinates the Math Café, which helped more than 280 students last term to be successful in math using the ALEKS online math system. Using ALEKS, students move through each level of math by passing a series of topics. In order for the student to move to the next topic, they need to get three questions correct in a row on the current one. The system continues to ask questions on the same topic until the student understands the math concept.   

Students can also get help with setting up a personal success plan, which focuses on skills such as time management and good study habits. Students can connect with Wood to create a success plan by dropping-in at the Math Café, or by referral from their math instructor.

Whether it’s helping students be successful in math, creating a personal success plan, or connecting students with other college resources such as one-on-one tutoring, the College Skills Zone, or English Language Learners staff – the Math Café is here to help. You can even get a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate for free while you're here!

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LBCC student Yusbelyn Horning-Alvia works with Math Café instructional assistant Diane Hunsaker on the ALEKS system. Horning-Alvia credits the new Math Café for helping her get 100% on her recent math test.