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Giving Thanks, Helping Community

LBCC staff and winco employees

The LBCC community came together in a big way again this year to help make a difference in the lives of students, staff and families in need at LBCC – raising more than $7,000 in cash and donating hundreds of food items – enough to fill 155 food boxes for LBCC families in need and give more than 600 people a holiday meal.

For more than 25 years, LBCC's Chapter of the American Association of Women in Community Colleges and the LBCC Independent Association of Classified Employees have co-sponsored the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive at LBCC. Tammi Drury, degree evaluator in Admissions, has helped with the drive for more than 20 years. Each year, she is touched by the generosity of the LBCC community. Her heart is filled with stories and expressions of gratitude from those who have received food boxes.  

These stories get to the heart of why we give. From the homeless student and family who are living in a tent, and worry about receiving a turkey because they have no way to cook it; to the student who just used all of their money to move, and said that receiving the food box meant the world to them; to the many other students and staff who said that without this food box, there would be no Thanksgiving meal.

Thank you to all who opened their hearts and wallets to give! We truly are a caring “community” at LBCC.

Special shout outs:

To Lena Spencer in Information Services, for organizing a challenge among departments in the Calapooia Center, which brought in over $1,300! To motivate teams and make it fun, the IS team provided baked goods to the department with the highest donations.

To student leaders in Student Life and Leadership, for voting to support the food drive with a generous donation of $1,600!  

To the Health Occupations Center, Lebanon Center and Sweet Home Center, for donating 1,862 items of food and cash.  

To the Horticulture Department, for donating boxes and boxes of butternut squash along with recipes on how to cook them!

To the Faculty Association and the Independent Association of Classified Employees, who gave generously - again and again.  

To the Win-Co checkers, who patiently rang-up 30 carts loaded with food, which earned 42 “free turkeys” for the LB Food Drive. (It took six SUV's and pick-up trucks, by the way, to get it all to LBCC!) Thank you to all the volunteers who gathered donations, shopped on their Friday night, and helped fill and hand out boxes on Saturday, including: Tammi Drury, Jeanine Howell, Michelle Slay, Carol Raymundo, Lyndsie DeOlus, Danny Aynes, Susan Peterson-Aynes, Roger Maurer, Marci Johnston, Lisa Hoogesteger, Megan Pickens-LLoyd, Heather Morijah, Terese Jones, Student Life and Leadership team members, a volunteer group that came with past employee Barb Horn, and many staff, family members and friends of LBCC.

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LBCC student Allen Tan, The Commuter
Major: Psychology, pre-med