Jobs at LBCC

Hiring Process

Thank you for your interest in working at LBCC. This information will assist you in applying for a job with the college.

  1. To be considered for a position, applicants must submit by the closing date an online Employment Application and all required materials listed on the posting.
  2. For positions for which a post-secondary degree is a required qualification, the degree must be from a regionally accredited college or university. Graduates from non-U.S. institutions must obtain a transcript evaluation from an international credential agency and submit it with their foreign transcript when applying for a position. For a list of agencies, please see Academic Transcript Information on the Employment Opportunities home page. Job offers are contingent upon Human Resources verifying candidate's conferred degree(s) are valid within the state of Oregon.
  3. For postings requiring transcripts, unofficial versions will be accepted at the time of application; however, an official copy will be necessary to finalize an offer of employment.
  4. If education, experience and skills are not described sufficiently, or dates of employment and hours per week are not indicated, the college may be unable to determine whether the candidate meets the minimum requirements for the position, which may disqualify the applicant from further consideration.
  5. All application materials submitted become the property of Linn-Benton Community College and will not be returned. Certain exceptions may apply.
  6. For contracted positions, search committees are responsible for selecting applicants for interview, conducting interviews, checking references and recommending their top candidate(s). Selection processes can take several weeks after the closing date to complete.
  7. Job interviews will be scheduled for finalists and will be held on the LBCC campus. In the event of extenuating circumstances based on needs of the college, preliminary interviews may be conducted by telephone conference call.
  8. In the event of extenuating circumstances based on the needs of the college, interviews may be conducted prior to closing a posting.
  9. Meeting the minimum qualifications does not assure the applicant of an interview.
  10. Travel and lodging costs associated with an interview will normally be the responsibility of the applicant.
  11. The college reserves the right to contact the current or most recent employer of a candidate, research past employment records, and request additional application materials.
  12. The college reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify or rescind job postings at any time without prior notice.
  13. The college reserves the right to re-advertise a position or to delay indefinitely the employment of a person if it is deemed:
    • applicants for the position do not constitute an adequate affirmative action recruitment pool;
    • applicants within the pool do not fulfill the desired qualifications;
    • the college does not have the necessary funds for the position; or
    • necessary for the college to restructure or eliminate the position.
  1. Screening and selecting employees for part-time, noncontracted positions (hourly and temporary status) is normally handled by personnel in departments external to Human Resources.
  2. All selections are conditional until approved by the LBCC Board of Education. Necessary Qualifications for Faculty Positions In general, to be qualified for a teaching position at LBCC, the following is required. Please see individual faculty postings for specific requirements.



Faculty Teaching in Transfer Programs

A master's degree in the subject area to be taught and/or twenty-seven graduate quarter hours in the primary subject area to be taught or twenty-four quarter hours in the secondary subject area.



Faculty Teaching in Professional/Technical, Occupational Supplementary, Complementary General Education

  • Subject Area Competence
    A degree (associate degree acceptable within applicable subject area) and a minimum of four years successful work experience within appropriate occupational area may be used as a standard for approval of a professional/technical faculty.
  • Experience
    Seven years of successful experience in an appropriate occupational area may be used as the standard of approval for professional/technical faculty.



Faculty Teaching Non Credit Courses

Expertise in the subject matter to be taught is required.

For questions about this information, please contact Human Resources at (541) 917-4420, or send email to .