Institutional Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

—Robert Reich, Former Secretary of Labor

The philosophy of Institutional Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (IEDI) is to build on the assets individuals already possess. The framework employed within the department is “servant leadership:” being of service to others. IEDI engages students, staff, faculty and managers—as well as constituent communities—in a manner that prepares people to be successful in an increasingly diverse society and workforce. Essential to the work of IEDI is further developing the skills, abilities, and recognition capacity necessary to succeed in today’s world: focusing on cross-cultural fluency, or the ability to competently weave in and out of cultures. The department leads and facilitates a broad scope of the work occurring at LBCC and in a broader community context, always with equitable outcomes as the primary goal.

Demographic shifts and technology have shrunken the world, resulting in an increased demand for culturally fluent individuals in the workforce and on campus. IEDI’s work—encapsulated by equity, diversity and inclusion—means that everyone has a stake in fostering a learning/work environment in which everyone is challenged to become better protagonists.

[Immigrants Rising] Tangible Support for Undocumented Communities During COVID-19

Healthcare Access for Undocumented Folks in the Time of COVID-19



Defining Terms

Diversity is a demographic. Diversity is a recognition and measure of difference across one or more of the dimensions within protected classes, among other characteristics. Diversity is an essential prerequisite to Inclusion.

Inclusion is a strategy toward and measure of meaningful and purposeful participation. It is not enough just to have a diverse mix: real participation is necessary to achieve justice and experience the potential that diversity affords us. Inclusion is an essential prerequisite to Equity.

Equity is an outcome. It’s not a value, a strategy, a program or an initiative. It means that the same achievements of life are equally attainable – and actually attained – by all people regardless of race, religion, culture, gender, economics, etc.

“Diversity is a fact; inclusion is an act.” It is with this in mind that we at IEDI, and LBCC in general, have adopted a plan – a strategy – that focuses on “inclusion” as the critical work toward achieving our equity outcomes.



Key IEDI Initiatives/Programmatic Focus Areas

College of Choice for Latina/o/x Students

LBCC recognizes that Latino students represent the fastest-growing demographic in the college’s service district. As a result, LBCC actively strives to make the college their first choice institution upon graduation. This effort is an attempt to increase the enrollment, presence and completion rates of Latino students at LBCC. By increasing the number of Latinos at LBCC, the college’s culture and climate has begun to shift, thus exposing majority students to a more realistic view of the diverse global workforce and therefore preparing them for a future that changes almost daily. This initiative has strategically built relationships and created outreach programming and retention efforts designed to increase student presence and boost their success.

Univision created two television ads in late 2017; click the below photos to view each ad.

adrianna villegas jose caldera

The College of Choice effort has also been a key partner in making the college's workforce more reflective of the district it serves. This is achieved in partnership with Human Resources as we expand access to diverse applicants in order to be as inclusive as possible when seeking professionals to work at the college.

Leadership LBCC: Equity and Cultural Fluency Training Series

This is a 30-hour training delivered over four days during Fall and Winter terms. The workshops are delivered by trained campus facilitators utilizing three days of the Navigating Difference curriculum created by Washington State University Extensions as its base teaching module. Participants are trained on essential skills such as cultural awareness, cultural understanding, cultural knowledge, cultural interaction, and cultural sensitivity. The fourth day of the training focuses on understanding implicit bias, identifying microagressions, understanding ideological diversity, freedom of expression and contempt. To date, 108 LBCC employees have completed the series.

What participants say about this training:

“The Leadership LBCC experience provided an opportunity for me to reflect and grow through some engaging discussions with my colleagues. These conversations are important as we work to serve a diverse population of students and have meaningful relationships with one another.”
--Jennifer Clayton, Diagnostic Imaging

“I wanted to express how meaningful this series was…It was life-changing for me as a person and as an employee who works with our diverse population of students. Since my position is grant-funded to support international students, it was particularly useful.”
--Ariana Chandler, Instructional Specialist-ELL

“In Human Resources, knowledge of people, cultural competency, difference...all these are key to facilitating good outcomes for our staff. Leadership LBCC helped me understand myself better, as well as how to navigate difference between others in productive ways, so that we can all move forward in service of our mission and strategic goals. It's a curriculum I would recommend to anyone interested in personal/professional growth.”
--Scott Rolen, Director of Human Resources



Location and Centers

The IEDI Department operates two unique areas on LBCC's main campus: our physical department space in Forum 220 and the Veterans Resource Center in Forum 109.

“The EDI” or the “Equity Hub” is located on the Forum's second floor in room 220. Our department is proud to offer students a welcoming, safe, inclusive and culturally respectful place for learning, meeting, study and social activity. All students and members of the campus community are welcome to attend events, engage in activities and learn about diversity, inclusion and unity.

Resources Available For Meetings/Work Space

  • Six 3' work tables and chairs
  • Conference table with seating for up to ten
  • White board and flip chart easel
  • Media cart and projection screen for PowerPoint or showing movies

Stop by and see us, and ask for a tour of the space.  We look forward to hosting your next meeting or event!

LOCATION:  Forum 220 (2nd floor) facing the courtyard, directly above the Student Union and next door to The Commuter student newspaper office.



What students have to say about the EDI:

I feel more at home here than any other place on campus. I like the decorations; it's very colorful and comfortable.
-- A.S.

It's like a home away from home. I come here between all of my classes.
-- O.E.

The EDI is a homie place. It’s a place where you can meet people and feel welcomed. It’s a chill place. It’s a peaceful place.
-- Y.H.



More Resources

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