Black History Month 2022

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Check out the online library database of relevant books the LBCC Library has to offer during Black History Month!

"Breaking the Shame" Lecture Series

We're excited to celebrate Black History Month this year with the series: "Breaking the Shame: Black Mental Health." Each week we will invite experts to talk to us about mental health struggles within the Black Community. Come learn, grow and raise awareness on Zoom with us every week.

Be sure to also join us at the end of the month for our 13th Annual Unity Celebration! We're looking forward to celebrating those around us who promote diversity and inclusion at LBCC and in our communities.

Black History Month Zoom Room

Week One: Sunne Perry-Bailey | "Understanding Barriers to Mental Health Care in Black Communities"

Watch the recorded lecture

Week Two: Dr. Collene Taylor | "Self Care Tips for Black Folks During This Radically-Charged Political Climate"

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Week Three: Taketa Majeed | "Provider Bias and Inequality of Care"

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Week Four: Chanale Propst | "Overcoming the Mental Health Stigma by Shifting our Cultural Narrative on Black Women/Black College Women"

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13th Annual Unity Celebration

Our 2022 Unity Celebration was held over Zoom on Friday, February 25. We were thrilled to celebrate individuals and organizations who work to establish unity and inclusion, and promote diversity and social justice at LBCC and in our communities.

Thank you so much to our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Keith Dempsey for his presentation on the state of black mental health in this current mental health crisis.

We hope to see you all at next year's Unity Celebration in 2023!

Watch the Unity Celebration recording