Announcing the Roadrunner Student Emergency Fund

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Thank you for supporting students in need!
Gray Community College Scholarship Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation $10,000
LBCC Faculty Association $5,000
James S. $4,000.00
Jessica W. $1,000.00
Marissa A. $1,000.00
Elizabeth P. $500.00
Jennifer B. $500.00
Barbara M. $250.00
Arlie & Milly B. $200.00
Douglas H. $200.00
MacKenzie M. $200.00
Margarita C. $150.00
Albert S. $100.00
Chareane W. $100.00
Deron C. $100.00
Jane W. $100.00
Jenny C. $100.00
Jim B. $100.00
Kristina T. $100.00
Linnea E. $100.00
Patricia W. $89.00
M'Liss R. $75.00
Melissa W. $80.00
Katherine B. $70.00
Andrew W. $50.00
Anne M. $50.00
Billy B. $50.00
Brooke A. $50.00
Catherine W. $50.00
Clare S. $50.00
Jenny C. $50.00
Jesse G. $50.00
Jill B. $50.00
John M. $50.00
Kristy W. $50.00
Lori F. $50.00
Lorin S. $50.00
Nancy D. $50.00
Nancy M. $50.00
Nannette S. $50.00
Rebecca O. $50.00
Ramycia M. $45.00
Paula J. $30.00
Gina F $25.00
Christine W. $20.00
Stepanie P. $20.00
Heather M. $15.00
Karelia S. $10.00
Michael Q. $10.00
Jennifer M. $10.00
Betty B. $5.00
Denise B. $5.00

In this defining moment it is not only the COVID-19 crisis itself, but also how we —as a community—respond that matters most.

Coming Together in Times of Crisis

We are proud of our LBCC learning community for being so dedicated to helping students achieve their goals. But as hard as we work to help our students stay on track, we know that a loss of work and other income due to COVID-19 can not only disrupt an education, but also the ability to meet basic necessities such as food or housing.

Community college students already face unacceptably high rates of housing and food insecurity and this crisis intensifies the burden. The LBCC Foundation is committed to ensuring students can continue their education, even now. The new "Roadrunner Emergency Fund" has been established to assist students specifically weathering this crisis. Through your support, we can provide emergency aid, including support for food and housing, and to enhance remote learning activities to help students stay on track.

Can We Count On You?

If you are searching for ways to make a difference in your community right now, consider a gift to the Roadrunner Emergency Fund.

Your contribution in any amount will help Roadrunners stay strong. Our future nurses, auto mechanics, construction workers, teachers and more are counting on you, and so is our community. In this uniquely challenging time, if you are in a position to offer financial support, regardless of the level, please consider doing so today.


Your Dollars Can Make a Difference

picture of Amy Collins

Amy Collins

As a single mom, and a daughter caring for elderly parents, I had put my hopes and dreams on hold. While caring for my parents I realized that I wanted to work where I could provide compassion and understanding while helping others. I’m pursuing psychology at LBCC. I want to get a master’s in social work with a gerontology focus so I can help families like mine in the most difficult times of their lives. But it has been extremely difficult to get by financially while relying on part-time jobs, student loans, and family. An emergency grant could make all the difference.

picture of Jonathon Media

Jonathon Media

Education is a doorway that leads to a better future. Yet financial difficulties are like a locked deadbolt that’s just barely out of reach. We’re all living in an environment not seen since 1918 ... not knowing WHEN you’ll be able to return to your job, let alone IF you’ll have a job again. To be afforded emergency funds in a time like this is impossible to describe. It would act as that life support for us students in need. It would allow us to continue to focus on our education and work towards that brighter future.