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While working side-by-side with Samaritan Health Services and Linn County, nearly every LBCC nursing student has gotten hands-on experiences administering COVID vaccines. "I think this was awesome," said first-year nursing student Elizabeth Hernandez. "It's a great opportunity to just go out there and help the community and get that experience. I feel comfortable giving vaccines now!"


Highlighting the LBCC Nursing program

“One of LBCC’s core values is to improve the community that we're part of. The nursing program helps prepare LBCC students to provide culturally-sensitive patient care, while developing critical thinking skills, accuracy, and professionalism along the way."

- LBCC Nursing instructor and alumna Caitlyn Terrell

An LBCC nursing student is typically in the classroom for five to eight hours per week, with another 12 to 18 hours per week of clinical education. LBCC’s on-campus Nursing Skills Lab utilizes individual learning stations and human simulation mannequin scenarios as teaching aids.

Clinical experiences—required as a part of all nursing education programs—occur in a variety of ways. LBCC nursing students receive their clinical education at locations in the surrounding community at public health, long-term care, and hospital facilities.


Alumni in the community 

LBCC nursing graduate Tiffanie Correia’s path to becoming a registered nurse coordinator for East Linn County Health was not an easy one. While at LBCC she faced family and financial hardships often leaving her worried that she may have to drop out. Thanks to the James and Nancy Good and Caddy Nursing scholarships, they provided much needed support so she could stop worrying and focus more on her education.

 “My scholarship meant the difference between finishing my program and dropping out. There’s no way to explain how much I appreciated that opportunity.”


Faculty leadership

"In these crazy times we are thankful for everything our community does for us and the funding of LBCC health care programs. Your support and the funds raised are able to get our students started on their pathway in healthcare and propel them through the process. A majority of our students who graduate end up staying and providing care for the community."

Bonnie Lassen – Associate Dean, Healthcare


Donor contributions

Over her many years of teaching the next generation of nurses, Former LBCC faculty member Sheryl Caddy, has sent thousands of students on their way to successful medical careers in our communities. A few years ago, Sheryl and her husband Lance chose to create a scholarship through the LBCC Foundation.

“By helping our students, we know that they will do better for themselves and their families – and that in turn helps to lift up our communities, which benefits everyone in the end."

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