LBCC Advocacy

“Community colleges are the essence of how we improve and benefit our local communities. Without them our lower-income families would never have the opportunity to improve their own lives and the lives of their children.”
— Shelby Pick, Former President of Student Leadership Council in a letter to Governor Kate Brown

Your Voice Matters: Community Colleges Need You to Take Action!

Oregon’s community colleges are in urgent need of your voice. The Governor’s Recommended Budget could substantially increase tuition for community college students across the board. In response, LBCC is ramping up its government relations efforts, and we need your voice at the budget table.

Why Now?

Community colleges are often the first choice for post-secondary education for students in Oregon. They serve the most diverse populations – from students right out of high school, to single moms and dads, to students who are living in poverty, to students who are the first in their families to attend college, to those looking for a fresh start.

As legislators start their work on the state budget over the next few months, your voice is critical to help ensure that community colleges get the funding they need to continue to serve Oregon students.

You Can Help

Please take a moment to write a note of support for your community college and send it to your state legislator and/or the editor of your local newspapers. Your voice can make a world of difference to our students!

For more information, contact: Linnea Everts, Manager, Government Relations, Development and Stewardship, at