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Harassment & Misconduct

Title IX: Sexual Harassment, Dating Violence, Partner Violence, Stalking

Students are protected from sexual harassment by Board of Education policies, state and federal statutes. Linn Benton Community College takes a proactive stance against sexual harassment/sexual assault per the Nondiscrimination and Nonharassment policies.

Incoming LBCC students shall be required to do training on Personal Empowerment Through Self-Advocacy (PETSA) not later than the third week of the term. This training establishes expectations and norms around mutual respect, consent, and strategies for violence reduction/prevention; it also encourages students to report violence to the college. To file a report of sexual violence or violation of Title IX rights, use our complaint process. When a student mentions or reports incidents of violence to LBCC employees, employees with a duty to report will immediately notify the Title IX/Equal Opportunity Coordinators. LBCC will take immediate, appropriate, effective steps to respond to reports of violence or sexual violence. Our duty is to protect all students and employees of the college and to protect all persons on sites under our influence and control.

Students wishing to seek counseling without reporting violence may do so. Below is information to get connected to a confidential advocate, who are available to provide information on your rights and options:

  • CARDV (Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence)
    Phone: 541-754-0110 (local) or 800-927-0197 
    Location: 2208 SW 3rd St, Corvallis, OR 97333 
  • Advising Center Reception
    Phone: 541-917-4780

Disclosures of violence to others on campus or by a named LBCC student will result in a duty to report and investigation. Our goal is to create a healthy and safe environment for every student at LBCC. We rely on students to accomplish this goal. Employees cannot promise students confidentiality when a student shares information about an incident or situation of violence or sexual violence which occurred on an LBCC site or at an LBCC activity or event or by an LBCC student.

LBCC complies with the new VAWA law. VAWA stands for the Violence Against Women’s Act.” The act addresses and prohibits acts of violence motivated by gender and clarifies “the rights of victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking.” Under both Title IX and VAWA, we will take immediate and strong actions to help both reported victims and alleged/accused students. We will provide initial safety plans, and we will investigate as appropriate.

Annually the college President sends out a cover letter and "Stop Sexual Harassment" brochures to all staff. Brochures are also distributed in a number of areas, including Counseling Center, Student Life and Leadership, Turning Point Transitions Program, Dean of Student Development' Office, Human Resources Office and Extended Learning Centers. "Stop Sexual Harassment" posters are placed throughout the campus and at Extended Learning Centers. In addition, LBCC publishes a "Date-Rape" brochure, Housing Rights For Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Survivors brochure, and displays the "Working to End the Cycle of Violence and Abuse" brochure published by CARDV, Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence. These brochures are available in the Counseling Center and at various locations on campus.

If a forcible or non-forcible sex offense took place, the police should be contacted to report the incident and to press charges. If a rape is reported to the police within 72 hours and you agree to cooperate in the investigation, you are entitled to "Victim's Compensation" in the state of Oregon. It is extremely important to preserve the evidence. In the case of rape, it is advisable to go to the hospital and get medical care immediately for treatment of any injuries and for other tests. Do not douche, bathe, shower, or change clothes before you go. For more information on community resources to assist you:

Title IX Brochure English Version

Title IX Brochure Spanish Version

Title IX Information for Victims regarding processes, procedures, and possible sanctions.