Public Safety

Public Safety, Emergency Planning, & EHS


Campus Public Safety Mission

The Linn-Benton Community College Safety & Loss Prevention Office exists to promote a safe environment where members of the LBCC community can study, work, and engage with each other and our communities. Our efforts will foster an environment supporting the values of excellence, inclusiveness, engagement, and learning. Through safety and emergency response trainings, compliance with regulatory expectations, providing safety plans and services, and employing appropriate institutional risk management strategies, Safety & Loss Prevention seeks to mitigate and minimize risks to lives and property.

Campus Public Safety Officers shall be courteous, friendly, tactful, diplomatic and use good judgment when dealing with members of the campus community, visitors and/or guests. LBCC Public Safety Officers will remain firm, professional, equitable and pleasant in their designated duty to administer college policy and student conduct rules.



We Care About You

Your campus Public Safety Department is dedicated to facilitating the educational process and assuring the safety and well-being of the college community. A staff of officers provides 24-hour patrols in and around the Albany campus buildings, allowing for prompt response to requests for assistance ranging from reports of possible criminal activity to vehicle accidents, emergencies and possible safety hazards.

The Public Safety staff is trained and licensed through the State of Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST). Public Safety officers have the authority as granted by the State of Oregon Legislature to issue parking citations under ORS 341.300.

For the safety of the college community, Public Safety Officers have the right under the  Student Rights and Responsibilities conduct policy to request any person on the grounds of the campus to produce identification. Individuals have the responsibility under the same policy to comply. Cooperation with this policy adds to everyone's safety.

A firm working relationship and mutual cooperation between local law enforcement and Public Safety ensures that all campus law enforcement needs are satisfied.



You Can Help

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to exercise a sense of personal responsibility for their own safety and well being and the safety and well being of others.

Obey all speed limits, traffic signs, parking regulations and the directives of Public Safety Officers in performance of their duties. If you observe a suspicious person or activity, contact Public Safety immediately for quick response and appropriate action:

Public Safety office - 541-917-4440
Officer on duty - 541-926-6855
Location - Red Cedar Hall 119

To facilitate the reporting of emergencies or incidents, the college has installed special emergency telephones around campus. They provide a direct line to Public Safety and will ring as soon as you lift the phone. If using a regular campus telephone, dial 911 in case of an emergency. This will go to 911 dispatch and will also include the officer on duty in the phone call. 

Each member of the College community should consider himself or herself as an active college watch participant. Incidents observed by Public Safety patrols are reported by radio and responded to immediately. Students and staff members observing any type of incident should immediately call Public Safety for assistance. Individuals who have observed a potential person of concern should report the information to the Threat Assessment Team. Members of the LBCC community can fill out our online service request form to obtain non-emergency services from the Public Safety staff.

Escorts are available from the Public Safety Office if the necessity arises. Students and staff members are advised to use the "buddy system" when going to or leaving classes.

Per AR 5110-01, LBCC faculty and staff should have their employee IDs on them at all times. By wearing their employee IDs, they will help to identify themselves as resources to students and also avoid confusion during an emergency. 

The Facilities office maintains the campus buildings and grounds with a concern for safety and security. The Public Safety Department and Facilities personnel regularly inspect the campus to ensure that safety hazards are remedied in a timely fashion, and to ensure locks, windows and fire safety equipment operate properly.

Please review College Emergency Procedures in order to be best prepared for response during emergency situations, especially evacuation, shelter-in-place, lockdown and earthquakes.

If you feel the need to file a complaint against the college for not following policy and procedures, have been discriminated against in any interaction at Linn-Benton Community College, or have been harassed by another person while at LBCC, or wish to report any concern or complaint, please use the online reporting system.