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Motor Vehicle Accident



Campus sites are located next to major road intersections with a high volume of motor vehicle traffic. Due to that high volume, an MVA is probable over the span of 5-to-10 years. These are most likely on the roads just outside the property.


Suggested Procedures:

  1. Carefully assess the need for emergency help; be very cautious of other traffic and the potential for another accident,
  2. If help is needed, call 911 and follow their directions,
  3. Send someone inside to get a First Aid Kit and fire extinguisher, if those are needed,
  4. Render first aid and put out a fire if trained and it is safe,
  5. Attempt to prevent further accidents by directing traffic around the wreck - if it is safe to do so.

If there is a fuel spill or a HazMat spill, and it is safe to do so, move victims and others away from the danger area. Avoid sparks or other sources of ignition.