Emergency Plans, Teams, Services


If instructed to lockdown by police, an LBCC Public Safety Officer, the LBCC Incident Commander, or the Lockdown Alarm sounds (Lockdown Alarm Sound Clip), your Building Emergency Coordinators (BEC's) and Building Managers will attempt to lock building exterior doors, if possible & time permits:

  1. Follow instructions,
  2. In lieu of instructions:
    • Gather individuals in hallways and corridors into the nearest building and office or classroom; 
    • Close and lock all interior and exterior doors - barricade if possible;
    • Turn off Lights, close curtains;
    • Silence students/staff cell phones;
    • Keep staff/students quiet and out of view;
    • Have all staff/students stay in the room they were in when the incident started;
    • If people need help (medical, other assistance) contact Public Safety.
    • Listen to updates via the Public Address system (or classroom phone intercoms at the Lebanon Center) or the 2-way radios (if you have an earpiece to prevent radio noise)
  3. Stay in the room until an "all clear" is sounded or you are instructed to leave by police or a LBCC Public Safety Officer. Do not be passive in hiding. Prepare yourself to fight if necessary. View the video "Last Resort ACTIVE SHOOTER SURVIVAL"

In the case of a known perpetrator in the area and no safe path to escape, locking down is a good option. Follow the above process starting at #2. This is also known as the "Hide" option in Run/Hide/Fight described under the plan for Active Shooter/Weapons Incident.