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LBCC Large Scale Emergency Evacuation of Campuses

LBCC’s Incident Commander, City of Albany, Linn County, or Benton County EOC may order an evacuation for emergency purposes. LBCC main campus is within the Albany City limits and would generally fall under the direction of the City Police Department, likewise the Benton Center under the Corvallis Police Department and the Lebanon Center under the Lebanon Police Department. However, a large scale event may be coordinated by Linn County and Benton County Emergency Management through the respective sheriffs’ departments. Also, if the evacuation area is contaminated by hazardous materials, the evacuation will be conducted by the Fire Department. Linn Benton Alert System and/or local police dispatch systems provide warning functions to notify affected persons of impending evacuations. LBCC additionally will provide warnings to the campus community via the mass notification ReGroup system. Please read the "Emergency Evacuation Plan" below for a full explanation of protocols used:

LBCC Large Scale Emergency Evacuation Plan