Emergency Plans, Teams, Services


Background: Fire spreads rapidly, smoke does more harm to people than flame; it reduces visibility - DO NOT WAIT - ACT QUICKLY!



  1. When fire is seen, evacuate that room/area immediately,
  2. Close the door to that room,
  3. Pull the Fire Alarm and send someone to call 911,
  4. If the flames are less than 12 inches high - consider using the fire extinguisher if you are trained and have an escape route,
  5. Evacuate the entire building (see Evacuation Plan) - take coats, keys, cell phones, and backpacks if safe to do so,
  6. Assist people who need help,
  7. Move to a safe location, designate someone to direct emergency response vehicles,
  8. Help EMS determine if all people are out of the building,
  9. If trapped inside, stay low, close doors, call 911, and show yourself at a window(s).