Emergency Plans, Teams, Services

Crime in Progress


Call 911 and NOTIFY PUBLIC SAFETY at Ext. 411, or Ext. 4440, or call the officer on duty at (541) 926-6855 IMMEDIATELY. If at an Extended Learning Center, contact the MAIN DESK.

BE ALERT TO CRIME, suspicious situations, persons, or loud noises and quickly report them to Public Safety. THINK SAFETY, PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS. If you are the victim, or if you witness a crime, or are exposed to any activity on campus that is a violation of the law, such as assault, robbery, theft, overt sexual behavior, or any other violation:

DO NOT TAKE ANY UNNECESSARY CHANCES. DO NOT BECOME ACTIVELY INVOLVED. Leave quietly and call Public Safety. If you have a cellular phone, use it to alert police at (9) 1-1 and Public Safety at the numbers listed above. Obtain detailed descriptions of persons and/or vehicles and vehicle license numbers. Assist police and security by supplying them with all relevant information.

If you feel threatened or are attacked:

Your best defense is your ability to stay calm, use your head, and pay attention to your instincts. Decide what you will do in various situations before they occur. If you are accosted by someone who only wants property, give it up!

If you decide to resist, don't get scared, GET MAD! Shout "STOP!" or "FIRE!" or "CALL THE POLICE!" or blow a whistle. Try to incapacitate or distract your assailant long enough for you to escape. DO NOT PANIC - instead TAKE CONTROL by distracting or confusing the attacker, and then RUN!

Report all crimes, suspicious persons, or activities immediately, no matter how minor.