Safety & Emergency Readiness

Closure Information

Alert messages are issued when it's determined that the campus community needs to take immediate action to remain safe, or to announce that a campus or center is unexpectedly closed. Here are the places you can receive alerts or look for closure information:

Sign up to receive alerts via text message

ReGroup will be used to communicate through campus email and text message(s) to personal cell phones.  For staff and students to receive text and/or voicemail alerts, they must provide their cell phone number in their WebRunner account information.

  • Log into WebRunner.
  • Select "Personal Information."
  • Click on "Update" or "Add" under Texting Number and add your cell phone number.
  • Select "Emergency and College Related" if wanting to get both emergency messages and important college-related text alerts.  Select "Emergency Only" if only wanting to receive emergency notifications.
  • Click "Submit."
LBCC website

In the event of an unscheduled closure, alerts will be displayed in a yellow banner at the top of all pages on the LBCC website. If additional information is available, the alert may include links to other pages.

Local news outlets 

Check your local television and radio news stations for the latest updates.

Albany Radio Stations
KRKT AM: 990
KRKT FM: 99.9
KSHO AM: 920
KGAL AM: 1580
KXPC FM: 103.7

Corvallis Radio Stations
KLOO AM: 1340
KLOO FM: 103.7

Sweet Home & Eugene Radio Stations
KFIR AM: 720
KLCC FM: 89.7
KPNW AM: 1120
KUGN AM: 590
KEHK FM: 102.3
KOOL FM: 99.1
KDUK FM: 104.7
KFLY FM: 101.5

Eugene Television Stations

Social media

Follow LBCC on social media for closure information and other updates:

For more information on notifications and procedures in the event of inclement weather, see our Inclement Weather Protocols page. Alerts will not be displayed for closures due to scheduled events, such as national holidays. Please check the academic calendar for a list of scheduled closures.