Civility at LBCC

Classroom Tips

Clear knowledge of the rules that apply to a given situation always helps

  • Develop a "code of conduct" with your class. Have a discussion about expectations all will
    abide by throughout the class/term.

  • Express expectations up front regarding email and how to interact with instructors

  • Communicate your expectation of respect for all

  • Teach students how to confront others and how to voice disagreement in a respectful way

  • Be consistent with rules. Enforce the rules you set.

  • Use case study scenarios that students can use in a class setting that place them in the situation of: 

    • an instructor facing uncivil students,

    • a civil student attempting to negotiate a legitimate request from an uncivil instructor,

    • a civil individual surrounded by a crowd that turns nasty at a public event.

  • Sample classroom management guide;(Monroe Community College)