Logos, Templates, & Guidelines

Branding and Style Guide FAQ

I have business cards that I have not used up. Do I have to order more now?

Go ahead and use your cards! Once you run out, re-order through Printing and you will show off the new brand and logo. If you are eager to get your hands on the new business card, you can order now from Printing and get a custom business card holder for a limited time.

I don't have the fonts that the brand book says we should be using. What I can I do?

If you don't have the primary font there are alternatives you can use. The replacement fonts for Proxima Nova (sans-serif) are Lato and Verdana. The replacement font for Adelle (serif) is Merriweather, which is free from Google. See the LBCC Brand Book for more details.

My department needs new swag for recruitment and we want the new logo on it. How do we go about doing that?

You can order new swag through the Campus Store. College Advancement can also assist you in designing your products.

I'm confused about Rocky the Roadrunner and new logo. How is Rocky used now?

We love Rocky the Roadrunner! But Rocky should never be used as a substitute for the logo...Rocky isn’t a logo; he is our beloved college mascot! While the new logo contains an emblem of a Roadrunner who represents us all, Rocky is a singular personality and represents the ultimate LBCC Super Fan.

I am an LBCC partner-business. Where can I get a logo to put on my own company’s website?

Official logos are available for download on the Logos Files page. There are several to choose from, so you can use the one that best suits your needs. If you need help placing a logo on your website please email the Web Team at webhelpdesk@linnbenton.edu.

I need to update my promotional materials with the new logo. What do I do?

There are a variety of logo files and formats available on the Logo Files page, explaining various usage and sizing options. We will also be providing templates for PowerPoint presentations, flyers, letterhead, etc. If you still have questions, contact College Advancement for help.

How did the new logo come about?

In fall of 2018, the Board of Education made re-branding LBCC a strategic objective. Their goal was to put in place a unified image for the College that would help us tell our story more powerfully. A Rebrand Task Force comprised of staff and faculty, students, community members, and Foundation & Board of Education members worked together for a year to develop the new branding. The process included competitive submissions from eight different creative agencies, and local firm Madison Ave. Collective (MAC) of Corvallis was selected. Led by College Advancement, the group engaged in an inclusive research and creative development process that involved nearly 1,200 people who gave input through surveys and focus groups before we arrived at our new brand identity. It was formally revealed at the 2019 fall In-Service.

What about my old T-shirts, letterhead, signs, etc?

Our old logo is special because it is part of the LBCC legacy. You may continue to use items that have the old logo...but when you are ready to order new materials, join us in promoting our new unified brand to our community!

Can I keep using “Inspired” in my email signature?

“Inspired” was a campaign from several years back, and this tagline is no longer a part of LBCC’s brand identity. A new template is available to use for your email signature.

What about Rocky? Is he still our Mascot?

Rocky is here to stay! He is proud to be the mascot for us Roadrunners and you will see him at athletic events and other occasions in our campus life — much like his close friend Benny the Beaver lived on even after OSU changed its logo.