To best manage and grow the college’s relationships with businesses and individuals who support the college through philanthropy, this administrative rule defines the role of the LBCC Foundation as the primary conduit for soliciting and receiving donations on behalf of the college, and describes the process for coordination.


All donations of equipment, property, services, cash, etc., to Linn-Benton Community College shall be received and receipted through the LBCC College Advancement/ Foundation Office (hereinafter called the Foundation). Donations to the college will be accepted in accordance with the Foundation by-laws and policies. The Foundation will be responsible for sending the donor a thank you letter and, when appropriate, a tax receipt. This does not preclude the department receiving the donation from sending an additional thank you; and in fact, for large gifts they are encouraged to do so.

Procedure to follow when receiving gifts or donations:

  1. When a staff member, department, or program representative is approached by someone intending to make a donation, the Foundation shall be promptly notified.
  2. The Foundation, in consultation with the affected department, will decide whether to accept the donation. Departments have the right to refuse gifts of equipment if they do not enhance the program.
  3. If the item is accepted for permanent use, the Foundation will ensure that ownership of the item transfers to the college.
  4. If the item is scheduled for resale, ownership shall reside with the Foundation. (Note: The sale of items valued over $5,000 that may be resold within two years must be reported to the government and could affect the donation amount. Donors of these items will be informed by the Foundation of pertinent IRS regulations regarding appraisals of value.)
  5. The Foundation is responsible for maintaining all titles, licenses, and other documents of ownership for all donations not transferred to college ownership; i.e., reference item 3. Departments shall promptly forward all such materials to the Foundation.
  6. For items that require repair or reconditioning prior to resale, the department asking the Foundation to accept the donation shall make the necessary arrangements for such work. Departments that become engaged in repair or reconditioning work for such items will be reimbursed for their costs from the net proceeds of the sale. The net proceeds after covering the cost of repairs, sale, consignment, title, fees, etc., should be considered in deciding to accept the gift.
  7. Generally, 85 percent of the net sale proceeds from donated items that are resold shall be deposited in a Foundation account for the benefit of the department that is the intended beneficiary of the donation. Fifteen percent of the net sale proceeds shall be retained by the Foundation quasi endowment.
  8. The LBCC Foundation Board, in consultation with the college president, retains the authority to accept or reject gifts to the Foundation.


College personnel and Foundation Trustees are encouraged to actively solicit donations that will benefit the students, programs, and services of Linn-Benton Community College. Coordination among solicitations is essential to ensure that donations are utilized according to the donors’ wishes and to avoid inappropriate duplication of efforts. All solicitations by student groups, clubs, departments or other organizations affiliated with the college will be coordinated with the Foundation prior to making the solicitation. The Foundation will maintain records and communicate information provided by solicitors.

  1. Procedures for Off-campus Solicitations by Student Groups, Clubs, Departments, or Other Organizations Affiliated with LBCC
    1. Prior to any formal solicitation, student groups or clubs will notify the Student Life and Leadership Office, and the LBCC Foundation, of their intention to raise money or secure merchandise donations from off-campus sources. The Student Life and Leadership Office will instruct student groups and clubs that all donations made in the form of a check should be made out to the LBCC Foundation. All cash and check donations must be immediately deposited in the Foundation Office. (Minor activities such as collecting change to cover a coffee purchase, etc., need not be as closely coordinated.)
    2. Departments or instructional programs that seek to raise money from off-campus sources will notify the appropriate director, and obtain approval from the LBCC Foundation prior to soliciting contributions. Fundraising solicitations, activities and events shall be coordinated with the LBCC Foundation to ensure best practices for ongoing relationships with donors and stewarding philanthropic contributions. Cash and check-handling rules for student groups or clubs are the same as those that apply to departments and programs.
    3. Collected monies and an itemized listing of all donated items including a description of the item, donor, value, and date of receipt must be reported to the Foundation. The Foundation staff will advise the department or student group on thank you procedures.
    4. Off-campus solicitations will be governed by the following rules:
      1. Contributions will be sought only for projects, programs, or activities that benefit student learning or organized student activities. No contributions will be solicited for the private gain of any individual or outside entity.
      2. Solicitors will clearly indicate to potential contributors the purpose of the contribution.
      3. LBCC and the LBCC Foundation explicitly reserve the right to refuse permission to any student group, club, department, or program, from using its name, reputation, or resources to solicit funds. Student groups or clubs that fail to comply with a college directive regarding off-campus fund-raising activities shall be subject to disbarment.
      4. Money or merchandise collected from off-campus sources will be used for the purpose represented to donors.
      5. No charitable contributions will be solicited or accepted that are in conflict with the LBCC Foundation bylaws’ definition as a nonprofit organization.
    5. Any student group, club, department, or other organization affiliated with Linn-Benton Community College that feels this administrative rule creates adverse impact may appeal a specific project to the college president.

DATE(S) OF REVISION(S): 05/20/86; 03/04/97; 02/18/03; 06/01/10; 1/3/19
DATE OF LAST REVIEW: 12/15/09; 1/3/19; 12/01/22