This rule establishes guidelines for refunding tuition and fees paid by students.


To receive a tuition refund for credit courses students must formally drop the class between the time of registration and the drop with a refund deadline described below:

  1. One-day classes: the day prior to the first day of class;
  2. Two-day classes: the day prior to the second day of class;
  3. Three-day classes: the day prior to the second day of class;
  4. Four- and five-day classes: the day prior to the second day of class;
  5. Less than full-term classes that meet for five (5) or more weeks: prior to date by which 20% of class meetings have occurred;
  6. Full-term classes: the Monday of the second week of the term.

Definition of a week is Monday 12:00 a.m. through Sunday 11:59 p.m. Refunds will be for 100 percent of the tuition only paid for the class.

For classes canceled by the college, a full refund will be issued or the student may immediately enroll in another class of the same value (tuition and/or fees) at no cost on a space available basis.

Students on wait lists are not charged tuition. Students who have not been registered into the class by the end of the second Monday of the term will be removed from the wait list.

Students dropped by instructors by Instructor Withdrawal (AR 7030-03) for non-attendance during the refund period will have any eligible refund credited to their account.

Refunds involving federal or state financial aid will be processed in accordance with the appropriate deferral and state rules, which may require students to return a portion of their aid to LBCC. Refunds of payments made by third party payers will be processed in accordance with the rules of the college and those of the third party.

Students who are members of the military and ordered to active duty will be allowed to receive a full refund, or a tuition-and-fees credit for courses that they are unable to complete by their activation date or are ineligible for an incomplete grade [ORS 341.531; ORS 341.532.] Financial aid and other third party educational benefits will be lawfully reassessed based on Department of Education and/or Veterans Administration rules. The student may be required to return some of the aid to LBCC pursuant to state or federal aid rules.

Students may receive full or partial tuition refunds or credit for paid tuition and fees should the college be required to cancel classes as the result of a natural disaster, act of war or terrorism, or a pandemic. The college may decide how and when to reimburse students dependent on the timing, severity, and impact of the event.

General Student Fees
General fees paid by students enrolling in credit classes are refunded in full when a course is dropped within the refund period or when a class is canceled.

Program Fees
Fees charged to students in a program are refunded based on deadlines and procedures established by the program.

Credit Course Fees
Course fees are refunded when a student drops the course before the first day of the course.

Extended Refund Requests for Credit Course Tuition
Students who experience situations that are serious and compelling must document the extenuating circumstances and may petition for a refund of tuition. Refunds of tuition are processed for all students within the active Academic Year. Linn-Benton Community College Academic Calendar is defined as July 1 – June 30 of each year. General student fees and course fees are not refunded after the refund period. Petitions for an extended refund are accepted and reviewed by the Registrar.

Non Credit Courses

A. Course Fees

To receive a course fee refund, students must formally drop the class between the time of registration and the respective deadlines following:

      1. The day prior to the first class meeting.
      2. Third-party partnerships, such as Driver Education, have varying deadlines. The partner should be contacted for details.

B. Supply Fees

Fees paid for individual lessons or consumable supplies related to the course are non-refundable unless LBCC cancels the course and the student is unable to enroll in the same course.

C. Extended Refund Requests for Community Education Fees

Requests for an extended refund of Community Education fees after the refund deadline are submitted to the Director of Extended Learning.


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