Define the purpose, formation and funding, continuation of student clubs.

Purpose of Student Clubs                                                       

LBCC recognizes the importance of campus clubs and their role in the social, cultural, spiritual and recreational life of the college and encourages students, faculty and staff to develop clubs that support meaningful student engagement and create a vibrant and inclusive environment for students.  LBCC shall encourage the development of clubs to highlight diversity of values and interests and to reach a broad range of students.

Student Club Formation and Funding

A club is a student organization, initiated by petition with a minimum of eight (8) students and one advisor, which is inclusive of any student with an interest in joining, with a purpose of engagement around an area of shared interest.   The prospective club submits a petition for official recognition to the Student Leadership Council (SLC). SLC shall request each club petition be reviewed by LBCC managers in Risk Management and Student Affairs to ensure alignment with and training regarding college policies and goals for risk management and liability, campus conduct, and fiscal practices.

After management review, all club petitions that meet eligibility requirements, including securing a faculty or staff advisor, will be officially recognized by the Student Leadership Council. Community members registered as LBCC volunteers may function as co-advisors, but not as the lead advisor. Recognized clubs in good standing have the following privileges: to request ASLBCC funds from the SLC, to access staff support for planning and fiscal management, to reserve campus facilities, to use bulletin boards and student event media, and to organize and promote events and messages on campus.

Continuation of a Student Club:

To remain in good standing and eligible for the privileges of club status, Clubs shall:

meet SLC expectations related to student governance, campus participation and leadership development; require club advisors and club officers to read and follow procedures in the Club Manual and Advisor’s Handbook and to complete any required annual training; submit an annual Club Status Form at the start of each school year; follow college accounting procedures and administrative rules and policies; and follow college guidelines for safety, risk and liability; and follow college conduct policies and guidelines.

The advisor shall be responsible for proper application of college policies, rules and regulations including providing supervision for club activities. Clubs may be sanctioned, which may include loss of club status, if policies or procedures are not followed. Clubs must be recognized annually. After a period of at least two years, clubs that are not recognized will have any remaining funds returned to the account that funds clubs.



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