To define the benefits, the terms of eligibility and the administrative process for accessing extended, unpaid leaves of absence.

Bargaining Unit Employees
For bargaining unit employees, rights pertaining to personal unpaid leave, insurance and reinstatement may be governed by applicable collective bargaining agreement provisions. Failing such provisions, Board policies and/or administrative rules shall apply.

Management, Exempt, And Confidential Staff
Personal unpaid leave of absence is leave without pay for more than thirty (30) consecutive calendar days and up to one year. Leave may be granted to these annually renewed employees for any personal or professional reason acceptable to the applicable vice-president.

Whenever the need for a personal leave is foreseeable, an eligible employee is required to request the leave at least 90 days in advance. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, the employee is required to submit their request as soon as possible.

To initiate the leave, the employee should:

  1. Discuss their request for leave with their supervisor.
  2. Meet with Human Resources for information pertaining to reinstatement rights and benefit options.
  3. If supported by their supervisor, complete a personnel transaction form requesting a personal leave of absence and submit to his/her immediate supervisor for approval.

The supervisor will secure the approval of the appropriate administrator and Vice- President, and the personnel transaction form will then be forwarded to Human Resources. Human Resources will notify the Board of Education of all approved extended unpaid leaves.

Where leave has been approved, the commencement or termination dates thereof may be further extended or reduced upon application by the employee to the college. These adjustments will be made with the understanding that such extension or reduction would not substantially interfere with the administration of the college and/or with the education of the students.

Leaves of absence are without pay. The employee must exhaust any accrued paid leave and/or comp time before taking leave without pay, Sick leave and paid leave are not accrued for the duration of the unpaid leave, nor shall the unpaid leave be considered in determining the rate of paid leave or sick leave to be accrued by the employee after returning to employment.

Employees on an approved personal leave of absence have the option of continuing their medical, dental and vision insurance coverage under federal COBRA entitlement. Employee paid optional life and long-term care insurance may be continued through portability options.

Mandatory group life and disability insurance cannot be continued.

Reinstatement- Management/Exempt and Confidential Staff
Upon return from a personal unpaid leave of absence, the employee shall be returned to either the same or a substantially similar position within the college. Clarifying discussions regarding possible reinstatement scenarios should take place before the commencement of the leave and should include the employee, the supervisor, and Human Resources.

An employee who wishes to return to work prior to the expiration of their leave may request an early return date. Such a request shall be in writing and submitted to the employee’s supervisor and Human Resources. Early return may be granted at the college’s option.

Failure to return to work at the end of an approved unpaid leave may be deemed a resignation of employment.

DATE(S) OF REVISION(S): 10/17/11; 05/04/17
DATE OF LAST REVIEW: 10/17/11; 05/04/17; 5/6/21