To define the processes used to organize new and existing positions into appropriate compensation grades, in order to attract and retain quality employees.

Bargaining Unit Positions
Reclassification and/or reclassification appeal procedures, for employees subject to collective bargaining agreements, shall be governed by those respective agreements; failing such provisions, board policies and Administrative Rules shall apply.

Classification of Newly Approved Positions
When college leadership wishes to establish any new position, the hiring manager must collaborate with Human Resources to develop a position description which will subsequently be analyzed by Human Resources to determine the appropriate salary grade, using a point-factor job analysis system. Appropriate salary grades are based on the position’s essential duties and responsibilities.

Changes to Established Positions

The process whereby established positions may be reclassified may be initiated by Human Resources, the supervisor, or the employee. When the duties, responsibilities, requirements, and/or work conditions of a position are changed significantly and permanently, resulting in a significant increase or decrease in responsibility or job complexity, a reclassification may be appropriate.

Management, Exempt, Confidential and Part-Time Employees
The expectation is that reclassification requests for these positions be submitted proactively, and in conjunction with the college’s budget planning cycle. This supports the intent that job development occurs in an intentional manner and coincides with the college-wide budget and strategic planning processes.

Reclassification may occur outside of the budget cycle for a variety of reasons including emerging compliance requirements, refilling a vacant position, or as unexpected challenges/opportunities emerge.

A supervising manager who proposes permanently assigning work to their direct report that may be above the current grade should follow the steps below:

  1. Identify new duties via preliminary dialog with the appropriate vice-president.
  2. Pending vice-president confirmation, modify the position description to reflect the new duties, and submit to Human Resources for classification review.
  3. If no change in grade is called for, simply work with employee to begin new duties.
  4. If a change to grade is recommended, the supervising manager shall prepare a statement of strategic rationale and submit a budget request to the appropriate vice-president. The statement of strategic rationale should include:
    1. Information clarifying the relationship of the new duties to a college-wide strategic goal or initiative, and
    2. Identify the new salary grade and adjustment as determined by Human Resources, and clarify budgetary capacity to cover current fiscal year increase to budget.
  5. Vice-president makes recommendation to remaining vice-presidents and the Budget Team to change the position.
  6. If approved at step 5 above, choose a date to begin new duties and notify HR to revise the payroll authorization accordingly.
  7. Vice-president notifies Budget Team who tracks the position for purposes of adding to departmental essential budget level  in the following fiscal year.

DATE (S) OF REVISION(S): 05/02/89; 04/06/93; 11/3/11; 05/04/17; 5/6/21
DATE OF LAST REVIEW: 05/02/89; 04/06/93; 11/3/11; 05/04 /17