To establish guidelines for the use of campus facilities by the college and outside groups.


All external customers, requesting use of LBCC facilities for an event, will need to fill out the event request form. 

All internal faculty, staff, administrators need to use this event request form for all group, club, or special event usage.  Academic scheduling needs to go through the Manager of Curriculum and Scheduling.


  1. Priority 1 – College instructional and board activities, including:
    1. regularly scheduled credit and non-credit classes, labs, etc., taught by an instructor approved or hired by the college and included in the quarterly schedule of classes;

    2. Credit classes will have priority over non-credit classes, then

    3. Online courses and irregularly scheduled seminars, workshops, contracted training, etc., taught by an instructor approved or hired by the college and/or enrolled in by tuition-paying students or students for whom the college claims FTE; and

    4. Board of Education, Budget Committee meetings, and Foundation Board. These meetings have priority for the college boardroom.

  2. Priority 2 – College meetings and events, including:

    1. program advisory committee meetings and college and student councils and committee meetings;

    2. extra-curricular activities supported and funded by instructional/student services units; sanctioned (officially recognized) student activities and clubs; faculty, classified, and management association meetings; college staff meetings; LBCC Foundation meetings; and

    3. official meetings for other state agency, Representatives, or regional community college-related groups.

  3. Priority 3 – Nonprofit organization events, including:

    1. tax-exempt charitable, service, publicly-funded, or special interest organizations.

  4. Priority 4 – Private organization events (requires approval by president or designee), including:
    private commercial organizations or private organizations and individuals.   


  1. Priorities 1 and 2
    No facility rental fees are charged. Direct and indirect costs to support the event are assumed to be included in the college budget; however, there may be instances in which non-budgeted direct costs are incurred and, under these circumstances, may be charged back.

  2. Priority 3
    "Schedule A" facility rental fees are charged unless waived or modified by the president or designee.

  3. Priority 4
    "Schedule B" facility rental fees are charged unless waived or modified by the president or designee.

  4. Waiver of Fees
    Waiver or modification of the facility fee and/or deposit in priorities 3 and 4 may be made by the president or designee based on the following criteria:

    1. there is a tangible and defined benefit to the college and/or service to the community (more than just the promotion of "goodwill");

    2. the college generates FTE from the event;

    3. the college has a reciprocal agreement or partnership with the user; or

    4. the college sponsors the event.

      To evaluate instances of waiver or modification of fees, departments will maintain documentation on organizations or persons granted a waiver or modification, when the waiver or modification was granted, and for what purpose.

  5. Direct Costs
    Room rental charges cover room use only. Additional direct costs related to the facility use, including expenses associated with the following, may be assessed:
    1. equipment (media and other);

    2. computer usage;

    3. utilities when events occur outside the regular college schedule; or

    4. labor costs for scheduling, custom installation, room set up, opening/closing, janitorial, excessive use of table linens, and supervision of specific LBCC facilities.
  6. Reservations and Cancellation Fees
    1. The decision to rent special rooms/spaces (kitchens, labs, shops, and activity centers) rests with the specific room/space manager.

    2. Priority 3 and 4 reservations will be tentative until receipt of the deposi Reservations may be canceled by Priority 3 and 4 users and the deposit returned up until 12 calendar days before the event except for the Forum (F-104) and Russell Tripp Performance Center, which require a 30-calendar day cancellation notice. Direct costs incurred by the college before cancellation will be charged to Priority 3 and 4 users.

    3. Priority 1, Subsection 2, and Priority 2 reservations will be considered tentative to allow the college to rent to revenue-generating customer At the time a Priority 3 or 4 user requests a reservation of space tentatively reserved for a Priority 1, Subsection 2, or Priority 2 activity, Conference Services will work with each party to attempt to locate each in an appropriate space.

  7. Deposits
    Deposits of 50 percent of the estimated room rental fee and food and beverage costs will be charged to Priority 3 and 4 users. Additionally, advance payment of estimated direct costs may be required.

  8. Damage
    In instances of damage to the facility or extensive cleaning costs resulting from the activities or events, the sponsoring organization will be held accountable and assessed the charges for any necessary repairs and cleaning.

  9. Billing
    Billing for the use of facilities or special services will occur following the event. Individuals or organizations failing to remit the amount due within 30 calendar days may be denied the use of facilities or services until the account is paid in full.

  10. Allocation of Rental Revenue
    Rental revenue will be allocated 50/50 to the general fund and auxiliary/department funds.


  1. Time, Place, and Manner Requirements
    Use of LBCC facilities is to follow Administrative Rule 1055-01: Time, Place, and Manner of Free Expression at LBCC.

  2. Scheduling
    Student groups must complete an Event Registration Form in Student Life and Leadership before an event. Events in the courtyard shall be scheduled with the Public Safety Office. Events in the Calapooia Center conference rooms shall be scheduled with Conference Services. Events at the Activity Center, Benton Center, Lebanon Center, and Russell Tripp Theater shall be scheduled with the administrative office at the respective location and entered into the Event Management System (EMS).

  3. Priority Rescheduling
    The college reserves the right to move a lower-priority user to another college facility that will accommodate them.

  4. Regular Meetings
    Non-college organizations will not be permitted to hold regular weekly or monthly meetings in Linn-Benton Community College facilities. Each use will be scheduled.

  5. Publicity and Security
    Publicity for non-college sponsored events must be reviewed and approved by the Vice President of Finance & Operations. If no college staff host is present during the entire event, the fee charge shall be sufficient to allow the Public Safety Office to employ staff to monitor that event.

  6. Room Reassignment
    Users scheduled in a lower priority category may be reassigned after consultation with the affected party up to 10 days before the event. Reassignment means the activity may be moved to a different facility that will accommodate the activity.

  7. Limitations
    Priority 3 users will be limited to two consecutive-day uses of major college facilities during weekday periods when credit and non-credit classes are in session. Special arrangements may be made during summer for consecutive-day usage.

  8. Visitor Use of Facilities.
    1. Visitors, after their visit, shall be responsible for cleaning up and removing all trash and litter from their designated area.

    2. Visitors may not sell any goods or services on campus without the express approval of the president or designee.

    3. Visitors shall be expected to comply at all times with college administrative rules and regulations that govern public access to, and use of, college facilities.

  9. Americans with Disabilities Act
    Non-college organizations that conduct activities in or on college facilities shall be aware of, and responsible for, providing appropriate accommodations (specific to the class, workshop, or activity) as described in the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    1. Marketing materials must indicate availability and invite requests for accommodati Accommodations and auxiliary aids and services must be provided free of charge to persons with disabilities.

    2. All materials must be available in alternative formats as needed.

  10. Food and Drink
    1. Food Events Approval and Food Handling
      All events that involve the preparation or serving of food or drink to staff, students, or the public must be approved before the event and follow the Benton or Linn County Temporary Food Booth Guidelines. Student events shall be approved by Student Life and Leadership. Events on all Albany Campuses shall be approved by the Culinary Arts, Food Service Manager, except for those held in the courtyard or at the Activity Center. Events in the courtyard shall be approved by the Public Safety Office. Events at the Activity Center, Healthcare Occupations Center (HOC), Advanced Transportation & Technology Center (ATTC), and Corvallis Campus shall be approved by the Event Coordinator and the administrative office at the respective center. All workers involved in food preparation or serving must possess a valid Food Handlers’ Permit, and the individual overseeing the event must be present during the entire event to supervise food safety and ensure all county food safety regulations are followed. All foods must be prepared on-site or purchased from an approved source. Home-prepared foods may not be served to the public. Arrangements may be made with LBCC Food Services to provide all food and food-safety supervision for events at the Albany campus.

      Culinary Services Arrangements for food service in the Calapooia Center conference rooms or kitchen facilities (see facilities in Addendum 1) must be made through the Conference Services Office. During the period of time the culinary program is offering catering services LBCC has right of first refusal on catering services.   Organizations seeking food service in the Calapooia Center conference rooms from other sources must first have permission from the Culinary Arts, Food Service Manager.

    2. Alcohol Service
      LBCC’s alcohol service procedure intends to give the College the ability to provide complete meal and beverage services for special social, cultural, and educational gatherings. All such activities shall be in keeping with all Oregon State Laws and OLCC regulations. Parties interested in serving alcohol shall contact Food/Conference Services and complete a Request for Approval to Serve Alcohol on LBCC Campus. Permission is granted by the president or designee.

    3. Vendors
      An entity that sells something either independently or in conjunction with a priority 3 or 4 event. It can sell services, products, or a combination of the two to businesses and consumers.

      All vendors must provide a certificate of insurance and sign a facility use agreement through Conference Services.

      Vendors that are not sponsored by LBCC or working in conjunction with a priority 3 or 4 event will be charged a minimum of $50.00.

  11. Prohibitions
    1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted in LBCC facilities or on college property as regulated by Board Policy

    2. Smoking is permitted ONLY in designated smoking areas. Smoking, eating, and drinking are not permitted on the theater stage, in the orchestra pit, or in the theater seating area. It is expected that the users will make this rule known to all participants and will enforce the rule.

    3. In the theater, potentially hazardous activities, especially those associated with lighting, sound, and rigging systems, may not be undertaken without the express approval, and/or under the direct supervision of the LBCC theater staff.

    4. Funeral services are not permitted on the campus. A funeral service is a ceremony that takes place with the body of the deceased present, or the cremated remai A memorial service without the body or cremated remains are permitted.

  12. Liability
    Users will hold LBCC free and clear of all claims. LBCC is released and discharged from all claims and liabilities arising from or caused by a hazard covered by insurance on the property, or covered by insurance in connection with property or activities conducted on the property, regardless of the damage or loss.

  13. Denial of Use
    Groups, organizations, or individuals may be denied or limited in their use of college facilities. Decisions concerning such matters rest with the college President's Office or the president's designee. Failure to comply with the foregoing conditions or failure to observe policies or administrative rules of the college may result in future use of facilities being denied.


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