To provide direction to college employees, departments, students and student organizations (clubs and co-curriculars) in fundraising activities on the LBCC campus or on its behalf elsewhere, specifically for the benefit of the clubs or organizations. This is to ensure the integrity of the accounting of the funds and that the intended recipient(s) of the funds are properly credited.


  1. Definitions
    1. Fundraising: Any activity or event which raises monies through donations, ticket revenue, or the sale or exchange of products or services.
    2. Contributions: Money, goods, or services given to LBCC student clubs, organizations, or departments, notwithstanding the LBCC Foundation as described in AR 8010-01.
    3. Educational Purposes: The instruction or training of individuals for the purpose of improving or developing their capabilities, or the instruction of the public on subjects useful to individuals and beneficial to the community.
  2. Scope

    The only acceptable uses for which funds can be raised on the behalf of LBCC student clubs, organizations, or departments are:

    1. for the cultural and educational enrichment of the college and/or college community; and
    2. activities with an educational benefit to the participants in keeping with the college's mission.

    Unacceptable fundraising activities include, but are not limited to:

    1. funds raised directly for one individual; and
    2. fundraising activities for non-educational purposes.
  3. Approval
    1. Departments shall register their fundraisers with the appropriate vice president. Fundraisers must be approved by the vice president before the event may be organized. Prior to approval, the vice president shall inform the LBCC Foundation executive director of all fundraising activities for departments. The Foundation reserves the right to not allow any fundraising event that it deems contrary to Foundation fundraising plans.

    2. Clubs and co-curricular programs shall register their fundraising event in the Student Life and Leadership office. Fundraisers must be approved by the club advisor and/or appropriate college officials before the event may be organized. Prior to approval, Student Life and Leadership shall inform the LBCC Foundation executive director of all fundraising activities for student clubs and co-curricular programs. The Foundation reserves the right to not allow any fundraising event that it deems contrary to Foundation fundraising plans.

    3. For student clubs or co-curricular activities, Student Life and Leadership maintains a fundraising manual that provides ideas, opportunities, and further guidance on fundraising activities.
  4. Handling Funds and Making Deposits
    1. Any funds raised shall be deposited according to Cash Handling Procedures administrative rule (AR 5020-02).
    2. At the Business Office, depositors shall provide the appropriate FOAPAL identifying the program, department, co-curricular, or club. Fundraising organizers must return the pink copy of the cash receipt to the department or Student Life and Leadership office after it has been verified and signed by the Business Office cashier.
  5. Raffles

    Raffles must follow the Department of Justice rules which include:

    1. LBCC can operate raffles without securing a state license provided that the cumulative "handle" of all raffles is less than $10,000 per calendar year. "Handle" is defined as the "total amount of money, and other things of value, bet on the raffle games…".
    2. All raffles must directly benefit LBCC, or a component part of LBCC (e.g., a student club, department, athletic team, etc.).
    3. All raffle tickets must have an equal chance of winning and no person can be required to buy more than one ticket to win. No one can be required to pay for anything in addition to a ticket in order to have an equal chance to win.
    4. No person can be required to be present at the drawing in order to win.
    5. Sold ticket stubs must be returned to the raffle sponsor by the ticket seller and stubs must be placed in a receptacle out of which the winning ticket(s) must be drawn. The receptacle must be designed so that all tickets have an equal chance of winning.
    6. If a raffle prize is unclaimed, the raffle sponsor must hold the prize in trust for the winner for a period of one year. If unclaimed after one year, the prize becomes the property of the raffle sponsoring organization or department and may be disposed of by alternate means. The prize may not be retained for personal use.
    7. If a raffle is cancelled for any reason, the sponsor must undertake all steps necessary to notify ticket purchasers of the cancellation and return all money to the purchasers. Money should be returned within 30 days of the cancellation notice.
    8. Raffle tickets may not be sold more than twelve months in advance of the drawing.
    9. The total cash prizes awarded in a raffle cannot exceed $2,500. Retail market value of individual non-cash prizes cannot exceed $50,000, and the cumulative value of all non-cash prizes cannot exceed $100,000.
  6. Fundraisers for Travel
    1. The advisor or college representative shall determine the full cost for travel, including transportation, flights (including luggage costs), hotel, food, insurance, and appropriate activities. Any discounts for group travel shall be applied to the college costs for sending the instructor or advisor on the travel.
    2. The advisor or college representative shall work with the Business Office in setting up accounting procedures for tracking donated funds; the Financial Aid department to determine if financial aid could be used; and the Director, Safety and Loss Prevention, to verify the appropriate insurance coverage.
    3. The advisor or college representative shall track payments by students and employees to ensure full payment by a designated date in advance of the travel. Any payment schedule should match the payment schedule required by a travel agency or tour guide.
    4. See AR 7030-04 and Public Safety for additional information on student travel.
  7. Donations to the Foundation
    1. Donations collected for or on behalf of the Foundation shall be accepted and acknowledged in accordance with Administrative Rule 8010-01.