Administrative Rule No: 4030-05

Title: Copying Related to Library Services

To provide guidance to Linn-Benton Community College Library faculty, staff, and patrons regarding the copying of library materials.

It is the intent of Linn-Benton Community College to adhere to the provisions of copyright laws related to library services. The guidelines outlined here are guidelines only and should be used in conjunction with the copyright law of the United States of America, specifically Section 107: Fair Use, in determining what is and is not permitted.

Safeguards written in the law protect not only educators but librarians and instructional/media specialists as they carry out their duties of educating people and guaranteeing rights of access to information for purposes of teaching and learning. The guidelines for fair use for classroom instructors and for educational uses of music apply to college librarians and media specialists in their work with members of the instructional staff.

Each director or dean is responsible for establishing practices that will enforce the copyright policy in his or her area. Each person will be held individually responsible for following the established copyright policy and administrative rules.

At LBCC, the Library has additional permissive uses of copyrighted materials contained in Section 108 of the Copyright Law which allow for preservation of materials and sharing of resources through interlibrary loan.

Date of Adoption: 4/6/93
Dates of Revision: 10/13/16; 04/30/24
Dates of Last Review: 4/2/2020; 04/30/24